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The Canadian Journal of Human Rights

The journal is a peer-reviewed forum for scholars to explore concerns in human rights and humanitarian law and policy relevant to Canadian society.

Editor in Chief: Dr. Donn Short

In addition to traditional legal scholarship, the CJHR welcomes submissions from varying disciplines, including the liberal arts and social sciences. Articles are published both online and in print. Pursuant to our Open Access Policy, all articles are available for download on our website.

The Manitoba Law Journal

First published in 1885 and continually published since 1961, the Manitoba Law Journal is committed to providing thought-provoking reviews of developments in Manitoba case law and statutes.

THE MANITOBA LAW JOURNAL Underneath the Golden Boy

Underneath the Golden Boy is the second dimension of the Manitoba Law Journal. The first volume of Underneath the Golden Boy was published in 2001 as a special edition of the Manitoba Law Journal Volume 28, Number 2. It briefly became an independent publication, publishing volumes 3-6 under an independent label before rejoining with the Manitoba Law Journal for Volume 34, Number 3 in 2011.

The journal arose out of Professor Schwartz’s Legislative Process course.

Underneath the Golden Boy explores developments in Legislation and on parliamentary and democratic reform. It serves a vital purpose by advancing the potential and understanding of political advocacy in Manitoba by offering insight into parliamentary procedures and political structure. A topic that is often overlooked in the classroom.


Robson Crim has transformed into a Canada wide research hub in criminal law, with blog contributions from coast to coast, and from outside of this nation's borders. With over 30 academic peer collaborators at Canada's top law schools, Robson Crim is bringing leading criminal law research and writing to the reader.

Executive Editor: Dr. Richard Jochelson

Executive Editor: Brandon Trask

Robson Crim is an immersive and intensive clinical set of opportunities for students interested in the criminal law area. Robson Crim administers the REED Designation which allows students to earn co-curricular credits for legal blawgs of a substantial nature. Meritorious blawgs are published on the Robson Crim website. Robson Crim also receives submissions from an international cadre of legal scholars and students and conducts editing and peer review of these pieces. Robson Crim boasts an advisory collective of experts that spans North America and Europe and provides an excellent source of interesting news and opportunities for members of the practice-based and scholarly legal community. Robson Crim trains students in legal and scholarly publications to produce an annual criminal law edition of the Manitoba Law Journal.

Robson Crim also holds special events highlighting issue of injustice in criminal law systems. To read our journal, blawgs and to learn more about our special events, please visit our website. Robson Crim also has a vibrant Facebook and Twitter profile, engaging regularly in discussion of current affairs in criminal law and justice. To get involved in Robson Crim, contact Richard Jochelson or Brandon Trask.

THE MANITOBA LAW JOURNAL The Interdisciplinary Journal of Indigenous Inaakonigewin:

Established in 2023, the Interdisciplinary Journal of Indigenous Inaakonigewin is the fifth dimension of the Manitoba Law Journal. It formalizes the dimension previously titled Indigenous Law in volume 41 issue 5.

The Manitoba Law Journal The Review of Enterprise and Trade Law

The Review of Enterprise and Trade Law is the sixth dimension of the Manitoba Law Journal. In 2022 the Marcel A. Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law created the Desautels Review, a new, peer-reviewed journal.

The mandate of the Desautels Review was to promote leading scholarship on the disciplines of law, business, and the humanities as they apply to family-controlled and other private enterprises. The unique mandate of focusing on private enterprises, rather than public corporations, and a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding businesses, positions this law journal as an innovative platform for critical analysis and discussion of business and law. It published its first volume in fall 2022, as the Manitoba Law Journal’s Volume 45, Issue 2.

In 2023, the Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law joined the Manitoba Law Journal as its Volume 45, Issue 3. Established in 2001, the Asper Review covers legal developments within public and private law, as well as relevant topics within economics and geo-politics. It advocated for academically sound works, accessible to the general public.

Commencing in 2023 – 2024, the Desautels Review and the Asper Review have joined forces to become the Business Law Trade Review.

The Manitoba Law Journal Sports and the Law

Executive Editor: Martine Dennie

Established in 2023 Sports and the Law is the seventh dimension of the Manitoba Law Journal. While it has not yet completed its first physical printing of a Manitoba Law Journal issue, it has already begun blogging.


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