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Research Assistants

Under the auspices of the Legal Research Institute students may work as research assistants to professors during the summer or term.

Students also have the opportunity to work as editors of Robson Hall’s scholarly publications, including the Canadian Journal for Human Rights, the Manitoba Law Journal, the Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law and Underneath the Golden Boy. It is a great honour to be selected for the editorial boards of these publications and provides academically oriented students with excellent hands-on experience working with renowned scholars.

Research Chairs and Centres

Faculty books

Robson Crim


The following peer-reviewed journals are published out of Robson Hall and/or are edited by our faculty members:

The Marcel A. Desautels Centre

  • Marcel A. Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law Logo
  • The mandate of The Marcel A. Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law is to integrate the disciplines of law, business and the humanities as they apply to family-controlled and other private enterprises, the principal foundation of all economic activity in Canada. The focus on private enterprise, rather than public corporations, and a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding business people, as well as their businesses, makes the Centre unique for a Canadian law school.

    Through the Centre’s academic programs, students are trained, develop the necessary skills, and acquire relevant perspectives to address, in a holistic manner, issues faced by these enterprises and their owners at all stages of the private business life cycle, from conception through growth and development, to maturity, succession and disposition.

    The Centre also promotes research in these multi-faceted and complex issues, provides service to the business community through the L. Kerry Vickar Business Law Clinic, supports specialized graduate education, and serves as a resource to members of the legal profession.


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