Community Engaged Learning

Learn about social justice, volunteer for change and relate your classroom learning to community work through one of the Community Engaged Learning programs in Chile, Ecuador, Northern Manitoba or right here in Winnipeg. You'll learn about the world, yourself and the importance of community while developing relationships and supporting the goals of community organizations.

International exchange program

Gain cross-cultural experience and earn credit toward your degree by going on an international exchange. UM has partnered with universities in more than 30 countries to let you spend a semester or two abroad while paying regular tuition to the University of Manitoba, instead of international student rates at partner universities.

  • A group of students sit together on a large rock in the Amazon rainforest.

    Experience the Amazon

    In the Amazon Rainforest Experience program, you will explore the meaning of sustainability and climate-resilience from the perspective of a local Indigenous collective – the Amupakin Collective – as we help out in the community farms, walk the forest to harvest medicinal plants, cook community meals and share stories around the fire.

  • A student relaxing with arms outstretched in shallow water with mountains in the background

    Study abroad

    “It’s such an eye-opening experience – living in a different culture and having to adapt to new situations,” says Alex Ogaranko, a UM engineering student who traveled to Griffith University in Australia in 2019 as part of an international exchange. “I made friends from Australia as well as with other exchange students from around the world.”

  • U of M students exploring the local environment during their stay in Leaf Rapids.

    Learn about food security in the North

    Gain an intimate perspective on everyday life in the North and discover the beauty of the boreal forest region through the Leaf Rapids Northern Community Engagement program. You'll as you get your hands dirty in the greenhouse, learn about food security, develop your project planning skills and try country foods that have sustained Cree and Dene peoples in the North.

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