Frequently Asked Questions

All the lecture or laboratory sections in the course I want/need are full. Can I get in?

If the course is not an ECE course (i.e. does not begin with an ECE subject code) then check the section in Aurora to see if a waitlist is offered for that course.

If the course is an ECE course, the department offers an in-house waitlist separate from Aurora. Visit and follow the instructions posted there. Note that the ECE Waitlist does not open until after course reserves are removed in Aurora.

The ECE elective course I want appears to have space, but says it is reserved.

Some technical electives are integral to one of the Focus Areas offered by the Department. For that reason, during the initial registration period, some of the seats in those electives are reserved for Focus Area students.

Consult the section notes in Aurora for specific information about when reserved space will be released for that section.

Aurora shows space in the laboratory section of a course but the lecture section is full (or vice versa).

Initial seat capacity in lecture sections is set by the Registrar's Office based on historical enrolment. Departments are not able to alter this in advance of registration, but it may be possible to add students to courses afterwards. Laboratory capacity is normally dictated by the number of experimental setups available in the laboratory room.

If the course you are looking for has an ECE subject code, then students may request space by adding themselves to the ECE Course Waitlist (

I want to take a course, but I'm missing a prerequisite. Can I register for it anyway?


Students should complete all prerequisite courses before they may register in a subsequent course.

Students who received a failing grade in a prerequisite, and have obtained permission from the instructor of the subsequent course, may request permission from the department to register, notwithstanding the prerequisite. Such requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

I took CHEM 1300, do I now need to take CHEM 1100 and/or CHEM 1122?


Students who previously completed CHEM 1300 have satisfied the chemistry course requirement. You do not need to take the new CHEM 1100 and CHEM 1122. 

Can a course I've completed be used to meet more than one requirement in my program?

The same course can not be used to satisfy two requirements in your regular engineering program. For example, Computer Engineering students must complete one of the four courses COMP 3010, COMP 3430, ECE 3630, or ECE 4530 as a core requirement (effective Fall 2023). That course can not also be counted as one of the five technical electives required in the program. The student would need to complete a different course as their technical elective.

A course can be double-counted in a minor, with the limitation that not more than 50% of the courses in the minor are double-counted.

Do I have to register in a Focus Area?


Focus Areas are optional. Students may follow the general program plan or may opt for a Focus Area.

Can I repeat a course to get a better grade?


If you have obtained a passing grade in a course (C or better) then you many not repeat the course.