Draft dates

Date Description
September 10, 2021 First Class Meeting
September 24, 2021 Groups to be finalized
October 1, 2021 Project Proposal: Oral presentations
October 8, 2021 Written Project Proposal Submission
November 19, 2021 Design Review #2 presentations/submission
January 21, 2022 Design Review #3 presentations/submission
February 11, 2022 Design Review #4 presentations/submission
March 18, 2022 Project Report and Summary submission
April 8, 2022 Group Design Project Presentation Day


Getting started

Project requirements

Each ECE 4600 Project must have:

    1. A group of 4-6 students
    2. A project that has been agreed up on by the group and their advisor
    3. An academic advisor who is a faculty member from within ECE


  • The minimum group size is mandated by the Faculty of Engineering. All students in the group must have completed the pre-requisite courses for registration in ECE 4600.
  • Some projects will have, in addition, an "end user" or "client" whose involvement/encouragement will complement the academic role of the advisor. For example, projects to be generated through academic collaborations with other departments/disciplines and/or student groups such as UMSATS and SAE might lend themselves to this.
  • Projects proposed for 2021/2022 will be listed on UM Learn once registration has been completed. This list is not exhaustive, in past years many projects have been developed through the initiative of students both as individuals and groups. Such ideas are welcome but must be discussed thoroughly with a potential advisor and/or the course instructors to ensure that they are suitable for ECE 4600. The goal is to offer the opportunity and flexibility at the project generation stage, mindful of the need to define a reasonable scope.

Next steps

Watch for a notification indicating that you can submit your group/project for approval (within UM Learn at the beginning of Fall term). All projects must be verified as having sufficient Electrical/Computer engineering technical content before they will be approved for commencement in Fall 2021.

Course information

Co-ordinator: Dr. Derek Oliver

Engineer-in-Residence: James Dietrich

Technical Communication Specialist: Aidan Topping

Office Hours: by appointment

Course notices and all current information can be found in the UM Learn course page.

Do not include your student number in any report (proposal, progress report, final report, and poster) that you submit electronically.