Engaging Indigenous languages, knowledges, learning and the land

The QES program is housed in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning under the leadership of Dr. Sandra Kouritzin. Her team includes Dr. Clea Schmidt (Education), Dr. Satoru Nakagawa (Arts) and Dr. Filiberto Penados (Natural Resources Institute, Belize).

The program has two components.  The first involves bringing three QES Scholars from Belize to Winnipeg to complete a Master of Education in Second Language Education  in the Faculty of Education. Funding will be provided by the QES Program. The faculty has welcomed its three Belizan Scholars in 2023.
The second component is designed for University of Manitoba senior undergraduate and graduate level students to travel to Belize for a 90-day internship to work as volunteers, teachers and/or community leaders. This component is now closed.

Belizean QES scholars program

The Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning welcomes our three QES scholars from Belize as they begin their master-of-education program in second-language education.

More Information

QES scholars will engage in a variety of activities to enrich their understanding of Indigenous education and community within Manitoba, and share their learning with the University of Manitoba community and beyond.

  • a part-time orientation session once in Winnipeg.
  • community service learning including in urban Indigenous schools and through participation in land-based learning opportunities;
  • an annual QES symposium organized by the Faculty of Education. The symposium will provide scholars with an opportunity to share their learning through presentations with the larger university community;
  • an annual Faculty of Education graduate student symposium;
  • research opportunities through the provision of research assistantships, and  
  • opportunities to connect with other QES Scholars and alumni around the world.



The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship will provide funding for the two-year duration of the M.Ed. program to a total of $60,000.00 per student.  This funding will be provided to cover all costs, including:

  • The Graduate Studies application fee
  • Securing official transcripts as part of the application process
  • The Canadian Visa application fee including the costs for the Biometric Scan
  • Tuition, textbooks, and course materials
  • Individual Health insurance
  • Criminal Record and Child Abuse Checks required prior to placement in a Manitoba school or service learning setting
  • A monthly living allowance for Winnipeg
  • Community service-learning experiences
  • Round-trip flight from Belize to Canada

Question and Answer

1. What is the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship program (QES)?
The Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program (QES) is a joint initiative between the Association of University and Colleges of Canada, the Rideau Hall Foundation, and Community Foundations of Canada. It is funded through contributions from the Government of Canada, Provincial governments, the private sector and individuals.

2. What is the focus of the University of Manitoba’s QES program?
The QES Program at the University of Manitoba will focus engaging Indigenous languages, knowledges, learning and the land. The program objectives are:

  • To increase, sustain and strengthen relationships while building capacity in Belize and in Canada in respectful and relevant Indigenous education, specifically around our four program themes: Indigenous and official languages, Indigenous knowledges, Indigenous food sovereignty and learning from the land;
  • To increase local capacity in both Belize and Canada in educational leadership, and provide opportunities for emerging Indigenous leaders and classroom teachers who work with global Indigenous children;
  • To provide graduate students with the opportunity to engage in international research and/or development opportunities in Indigenous language education and second-language education, Indigenous ontologies and epistemologies, Indigenous food sovereignty, and/or Indigenous learning from the land, and
  • To support the University of Manitoba’s role as a leader in global Indigenous education.

3. How a QES scholarship works:
Citizens of Belize who meet the admission criteria, will complete a two-year, full-time master-of-education degree in second-language education or Indigenous education at the University of Manitoba.

4. How many QES Scholars from Belize will be accepted?
The faculty will be accepting three scholars.

5. What are the eligibility requirements for a QES award?

  • Be pursuing academic credit on a full-time basis at the University of Manitoba toward a master of education degree (second-language education);
  • Be a citizen of Belize. Anyone who has applied for Canadian citizenship or for permanent residency is not eligible;
  • Meet University of Manitoba’s graduate studies and the Faculty of Education’s Curriculum, Teaching and Learning: second-language education admission requirements, and
  • Participate in community engagement activities in Canada as directed by the program.

6. Do I need to successfully complete an English-language proficiency test?
No, citizens of Belize are exempt from this requirement.

7. What is the deadline date for applying to the program?
The deadline date for the program has now passed and all spots are filled.

8. How much will the QES program cost?
All costs associated with the MEd program are covered by a $60,000 scholarship. For more information, click on the funding drop-down menu.

9. Can my family travel with me to Winnipeg while I attend the program?
Yes, however, they will also need a Canadian visa.

10. Will my family members also be provided with free health coverage?
No, you will need to make these arrangements for their health coverage and cover the costs. Click here for more information.

11. Do I have to find my own housing accommodations?
The University of Manitoba has resources for securing off-campus housing. See https://och.cc.umanitoba.ca/.


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