A dentist wearing full surgical gear points to a piece of paper while speaking with a patient.

Clinic contact information

  • Hours

    Monday to Friday
    8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Room Number

    790 Bannatyne Avenue

  • Contact

    Phone: 204-789-3727
    Fax: 204-789-3950 (ATTN: OMFS Clinc)

How to become a patient

  1. Direct referral from your private dentist.
  2. Self referral by filling out the form linked below.

Fees and payment

  • Fees

    The College of Dentistry fees for service are significantly lower (up to 50%) of the various specialties in the Manitoba Dental Association Fee Guide.

    Fees are dependent on the procedure performed.

    ** All fees in the College are subject to change **

    Payment for services

    Patients are responsible to pay for their treatment after each appointment. If you have dental insurance coverage, our clinic staff will process the dental insurance forms on your behalf and you will later will be reimbursed by your dental insurance.

    We accept cash, direct debit, credit cards.

    For extensive treatment, such as carried out in the Orthodontic and Prosthodontic Clinics, payment can be arranged to be made over a period-of-time in conjunction with treatment to be fully paid when treatment is completed.

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