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  • Professor;
    Program Coordinator, Canadian Studies;
    Academic Director, Centre for Social Science Research and Policy

    Faculty of Arts
    Department of Political Studies
    Canadian Studies Program
    Centre for Social Science Research and Policy
    529 Fletcher Argue
    15 Chancellors Circle
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

    Phone: 204-474-8949


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  • Master's


  • POLS 2702 A01 - Introduction to Canadian Politics (Fall)
  • POLS 3140 T13 - Canadian Elections and Voters (Fall)
  • POLS 4160 T46 - Canadian Party Systems (Winter)
  • POLS 7270 T46 - Canadian Party Systems (Winter)


Royce Koop is Professor of Political Studies, Academic Director of the Centre for Social Science Research and Policy and Coordinator of the Canadian Studies program at the University of Manitoba. He researches themes related to representation and political parties, in both Canadian and comparative contexts. His research has appeared in, among other journals, American Journal of Political Science; Canadian Journal of Political Science; Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties; and, Representation. He is the author of "Grassroots Liberals: Organizing for Local and National Politics", co-author (with Heather Bastedo and Kelly Blidook) of "Representation in Action: Canadian MPs in the Constituencies" and co-editor (with Amanda Bittner) of "Parties, Elections and the Future of Canadian Politics", all published by University of British Columbia Press. Dr. Koop is a regular media commentator on Canadian and Manitoba politics and writes a bi-weekly analysis column for the Winnipeg Free Press.


  • PhD (Political Science), University of British Columbia, 2009
  • MA (Political Science), University of Calgary, 2003
  • BA (Hons) (Political Science), University of Lethbridge, 2002


Research Interests

  • Canadian politics
  • Representation
  • Political parties

Research affiliations/groups

Selected publications

  • Kelly Blidook and Royce Koop. Forthcoming "'We can help and it won't cost you a cracker: The Multidimensionality of Service Representation." Political Science. 
  • Real Carriere and Royce Koop. Forthcoming. "Indigenous Political Representation in Canada." Canadian Journal of Political Science. 
  • Royce Koop and Anthony M. Sayers. 2022. "Campaign Managers in Constituency Campaigns." In Inside the Local Campaign: Constituency Elections in Canada, eds. Alex Marland and Thierry Giasson. Vancouver: UBC Press. 
  • Kelly Blidook, Royce Koop, and Jack Lucas. 2022. "Municipal Representational Style and Focus: Evidence from Canadian Mayors and Councillors." Representation 58(4): 603-622. 
  • Robert J. Jackson, Doreen Jackson, and Royce Koop. 2020. Canadian Government and Politics 7th ed.. Toronto: Broadview. 
  • Royce Koop, Heather Bastedo, and Kelly Blidook. 2018 Representation in Action: Canadian MPs in the Constituencies. Vancouver UBC Press. 
  • James Farney and Royce Koop. 2018. "Auditing Party Democracy: The Case of Canadian Party Constituency Associations." Commonwealth & Comparative Politics 56(1): 84-102.
  • Peter John Loewen, Royce Koop, Jaime Settle, and James H. Fowler. 2014. "A Natural Experiment in Proposal Power and Electoral Success." American Journal of Political Science 58(1): 189-196. 
  • Amanda Bittner and Royce Koop (eds.). 2013. Parties, Elections and the Future of Canadian Politics. Vancouver: UBC Press. 
  • Royce Koop. 2011. Grassroots Liberals: Organizing for Local and National Politics. Vancouver: UBC Press. 


  • 2014 - Rh Foundation Award for outstanding social science research contributions
  • 2014 - Seymour Martin Lipset Best Book Prize from the American Political Science Association

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