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  • Professor

    Faculty of Arts
    Department of History
    456 Fletcher Argue Building
    15 Chancellors Circle
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

    Phone: 204-475-9715

Currently accepting graduate students - Yes

  • Master's
  • PhD


  • HIST 1200 - An Introduction to the History of Western Civilization
  • HIST 2220 - Irish History Survey
  • HIST 3110 - The Road To Brexit: Britain and Europe Since 1945


I study British organized labour and popular movements in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I am currently engaged in research on the changing relationship between British organized labour and European integration.


  • PhD (British History), York University, 2002
  • MA (British History), York University, 1995
  • BA (History), Portland State University Honors Program, 1994


Research interests

  • British history
  • Labour history
  • Social history
  • Political history

Research affiliations/groups

  • North American Conference of British Studies
  • Western Conference of British Studies

Selected publications


  • "Workers, Unions and Payment in Kind: The Fight for Real Wages in Britain, 1820-1914." Perspectives on Economic and Social History Series. Oxford: Routledge, 2020.
  • "Master and Servant Law: Chartists, Trade Unions, Radical Lawyers and the Magistracy, 1840-1865." Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2010.

Peer-reviewed articles

  • “Cash Wages, the Truck Acts, and the 1960 Payment of Wages Act” Historical Studies in Industrial Relations 41 (2020): 85-109.
  • “Cashless Pay, Deductions from Wages, and the Repeal of the Truck Acts in Great Britain, 1945-1986” Labor History 61:2 (2020):122-137. 
  • “The Sheriff’s Court or Company Store: Truck, The Arrestment of Wages and Working Class Consumption in Scotland, 1830-1870.” Labour History Review 79:2 (Summer 2014): 139-164.
  • “Truck or Trade: Anti-truck societies and the campaign against the payment of wages in goods in mid-nineteenth century Britain.” Historical Studies in Industrial Relations 27/28 (Spring/Autumn 2009): 1-40.
  • “‘Let but one of them come before me, and I’ll commit him’: Trade Unions, Magistrates and the Law in Mid-Nineteenth Century Staffordshire.” Journal of British Studies 44:1 (2005): 64-91.
  • "'He might almost as well be without trial’: Trade Unions and the 1823 Master and Servant Act—The Warrington Cases, 1846-1847.” Historical Studies in Industrial Relations 14 (2002): 3-45.

Book chapters

  • “Britain: The Defeat of the 1844 Master and Servants Bill.” In Masters, Servants and Magistrates in Britain and the Empire, 1562-1955. D. Hay and Paul Craven (eds.). Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2004.


  • 2021 - Arts Student Body Council, Certificate of Recognition for Teaching
  • 2011 - Rh Institute Foundation Award
  • 2008 - Faculty of Arts, Excellence in Teaching Award, New Faculty Category
  • 2006 - University One, Nominee, Teaching Excellence Award

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