Professor Ted McLaclan is currently engaged with three interrelated research/creative work projects: Transcontinental Transect, an exploration of vernacular landscapes in the heart of the continent; Portals and Passageways, a photographic exploration in urban design; and Porcinai Portfolios, an exhibition of photogravures portraying Pietro Porcinai's villa landscapes.

Transcontinental Transect: an exploration of vernacular landscapes in the heart of the continent
Over the past decade Professor McLachlan has explored the use of landscape transects as an approach for students to study vernacular landscapes and to use this methodology to inform their design process. He is using a landscape transect as a research focus to explore the everyday/vernacular landscapes of the center of North America by running a transect line that connects Churchill, Manitoba (port on the arctic) to Manzanillo, Mexico (port on the Pacific) and to photograph and study the landscapes that occur along the transect. This transect cuts through the centre of North America, a landscape that has been in rapid transformation for the past century. The documentation will examine the everyday/vernacular landscapes using digital Gigapan robotic panoramic camera system, it will lead to web-based documentation.

Portals and Passageways: a photographic exploration in urban design
This work started in 2007 and explores the function of portals and passageways as defining elements in the urban landscape. The exploration uses a Noblex mechanical rotating lens panoramic camera which accurately captures the 135 degree field of view associated with human visual perception. To date this urban design photographic study has explored portals and passageways in New York USA, Venice Italy, Padua Italy, Feltre Italy and Winnipeg. Professor McLachlan intends to extend this research to a number of European cities during his sabbatical and to include it in his research transect through the heart of North America. The intention is to have an exhibit of the work in 2011.

Porcinai Portfolios: an exhibition of photogravures portraying Pietro Porcinai's villa landscapes
This research builds on a photographic study conducted during Professor McLachlan's last leave and his continuing research in the photogravure print making process. He is the only Manitoba photographer actively using and exhibiting work using this process. The intention of the exhibit is to explore the creative genius of Italy's foremost modernist landscape architect through the production and exhibition of 10 photogravure portfolios of 10 of his villa landscapes. Photogravure is an intaglio printmaking process using a photo etched copper plate. The printing of the portfolios will be carried out at the Martha Street Studio in Winnipeg. The first portfolio on Villa Fontanelle has been exhibited in three group shows in Manitoba and Nova Scotia.