B.Sc. (Env.Design) Ball State University
  • B.Arch (Professional) Ball State University
  • M.Arch-2 (Post-Professional) Ball State University

Professional affiliations

  • NCARB-IDP (since 1991)
  • BTES - Building Technology Educators Society
  • MBEC - Manitoba Building Envelope Council
  • Manitoba Writers’ Guild
  • League of Canadian Poets
  • Architecture + Design Film Festival

DoA courses (since 2009)

  • ARCH7000 – Advanced Tech. Topics (M1/M2):
  • Architectural Lighting & Shadows > More here
  • ARCH7010 – Advanced Tech. Topics (M1/M2):
  • Hands on Masonry  > More here 
  • ARCH7050/7060: M1 Architecture Design Studio 5 & 6
  • ARCH7070/7090: M2 Design Research/Design Thesis Studio
  • EVAR4004/4010 (ED4): Architecture Design Studio 3 & 4
  • EVAR3008/3010 (ED3): Architecture Design Studio 1 & 2
  • EVAR3014 (ED3): Architectural Hand Drawing

Research / bio

Ted Landrum has been teaching architecture since 2006, following 11+ years of comprehensive architectural experience in New York City, Montréal and Ottawa. Ted’s approach to architecture has been shaped by a wide diversity of interests and experiences, from construction and engineering, to theatre, cinema, poetry, philosophy, criticism and art. He collaborates on a variety of creative (“serious fun”) research projects, including experimental poetry and related arts of meaningful making, as well as many “group costumes” devised as heuristic dramatizations of the social body. Aspects of these collaborative experiments have been paraded, performed, exhibited, and published: in the performance art zine Katalog (2012), on Domus and Architizer, and in Confabulations: Storytelling in Architecture (Routledge, 2017).


Ted’s book Midway Radicals & Archi-Poems (2017) was short-listed for the Lansdowne Prize for Poetry and reviewed in Canadian Architect. He has produced two collaborative poetry chapbooks, Room to Room: Poetry & Architecture in Conversation (2018) and Table for Four / Eccentric Crops (JackPine Press 2020). Ted is a regular participant in poetry events, most notably “Thin Air: Winnipeg’s International Writers Festival” (Sept. 2017) and Planet Earth Poetry (Sept. 2020). An interview on “archi-poetry” appears in an influential CanLit series: “20 Questions”. Ted’s writing is published internationally: The Brooklyn Rail, CV2, On Site review, The American Society for Aesthetics, The Winnipeg Review, Partial Zine, and happily appears in many issues of FAUM’s student run Warehouse Journal. As a parallel project, Ted has been building an archive of “archi-poetry” research at Ubu Loca.

Other projects

Ted is a co-curator for Winnipeg’s annual Architecture + Design Film Festival, and coordinates the festival’s ArchiShorts film contest. Students and alumni are welcome to submit to this free two-minute film contest, open to anyone interested in the narrative and cinematic potential of places, real and imagined.