Senior Instructor, Environmental Design Program
Director, Digital Fabrication Lab | FABLab

306A Architecture 2 Building
56 Curry Place
University of Manitoba
(Fort Garry Campus)
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2M6

T. 204-474-8123
F. 204-474-7532



  • M.arch, University of Manitoba
  • BID, University of Manitoba


Kim has professional degrees in Architecture and Interior Design from the University of Manitoba, 15 years of fashion design and marketing experience, and over 15 years of architecture and interior design projects completed to date. She has several years of work experience in Stuttgart, Germany at H4A and ASIR Architekten, the organization of numerous foreign trips and studios including a Master of Architecture Design Studio in Berlin, associated with Prof. Peter Berten at the TU, and the yearly Undergraduate Chicago Field Trip for the Department of Environmental Design at the University of Manitoba. She is currently a partner at the newly formed STUFF think-tank interested in practicing design in the broader contexts of the environment. From industrial objects to urban structures, STUFF is interested in the environmental affects and effects of the design of those elements.

Kim bases her research in addressing the theory and practice of the communication of design ideas in relation to creating, making and communicating, with a focus in understanding the issues of representation as related to the design process, specifically as a means to make design decisions and as a method of choosing a position. The research is interested in finding the appropriate visual hierarchy of words and images to match the content of representation, publication and presentation, as well as an examination of the theories and practices fundamental to the representation and analysis of architectural space.