• MArch, University of Calgary
  • B.I.D. University of Manitoba
  • I.D.T. Lakeland College


  • Architects Without Borders Canada (Executive Director)

Major research interests

  • Design and development
  • Cross-cultural design
  • Community partnerships 
  • Service Learning 
  • Global citizenship

Teaching and scholarship

It is not uncommon to read about studio projects that tackle the complexities of critical issues such as global health, sustainable development, and human rights - often far from home. In spite of this widespread trend in design education, there is a dearth of information on how to develop partnerships, complete and evaluate non-profit design projects. Kelley’s work examines this gap by studying the competencies we need to convert goodwill into good design.

Kelley brings her passion for humanitarian design into studio courses at the University of Manitoba. Since 2003, students have worked with non-profit organizations on live projects in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Mexico, and Canada. At home, the students use technology to interact with their partners overseas. To take this work to another level, Kelley also teaches an international design-build course called Service Learning in the Global Community.


IDES 7200       Masters Studio 1: Strategic Issues
ARCG 7102     Service Learning in the Global Community
EVIE 3002       History and Theory of Interior Design I
EVIE 4000       History and Theory of Interior Design II

Selected publications

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