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    Department of Architecture

    305A Architecture 2 Building
    56 Curry Place
    University of Manitoba
    (Fort Garry Campus)
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2M6

    T. 204-464-6796

    B.E.S., Manitoba
    M. Arch., Manitoba



Professor Enns works across disciplines on a wide range of research and creative projects. Maintaining an active architecture practice, curating exhibitions, producing publications, and lecturing widely, he explores new territories of design innovation in architecture, urban design, product design, interdisciplinary creative practice, and digital technology. Professor Enns is a Senior Fellow at St. John’s College - an independent constituent college of the University of Manitoba - and has been appointed to the College Council. He has been Seconded (40%) to the University of Winnipeg as Director, CISCO Innovation Centre for Collaborative Technologies, the University of Winnipeg since 2012.

Professor Enns was a member of the Architect Selection Committee for the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) Inuit Art Centre, and serves on the WAG Board of Governors. He has produced interactive installations at the University of Texas at Austin (2010) and the University of Lapland (2011/2012), exploring immersive and media-rich spatial experience. These installations included dense layers of 8 channel spatial audio programming.

Professor Enns collaborated with Dr. Serena Kashavjee on the Manitoba Modernist Architecture: 1945-1975 Exhibition at the WAG and the well-known book - Winnipeg Modernist Architecture: 1945-1975 – its second printing is almost sold out.

Mining Location J.O. 180: Experimental Buildings at Shoal Lake – a comprehensive overview of 20 years of design, fabrication and documentation on an island in Shoal Lake, Ontario - was published by the Center for American Architecture and Design, School of Architecture, The University of Texas at Austin (2014), edited by Kevin Alter.

Professor Enns served as Chair of the Editorial Board of MOSAIC: An Interdisciplinary Critical Journal with Dr. Dawne McCance as Editor from 2000 to 2017.

Professor Enns has been researching Pre-Fab Architecture as a means of integrating high quality sustainable off-site construction techniques specifically for remote sites. Projects at Crow’s Nest Pass, Alberta (2010), and Treaty Island, Lake-of-the-Woods (2012) have been completed. A Master Plan and a series of energy efficient housing units for the IISD / Experimental Lakes Area are in development. The first two of a series of Low-Carbon Living Units were completed in 2016. With the exception of a dual glycol/hot water boiler and cook top, these Units operate entirely on solar energy, including appliances, lighting, radiant floor heating pump, and communications and control systems. This active infrastructure is further supported by passive solar gain, high insulation values, compact and efficient spaces, wood stoves, and triple glazed windows. The Units operate year-round.

His practice is active, including Architecture, Urban Design, Product Design, Media, Publication and Exhibition Design and Curation.

Recent practice

  • Experimental Lakes Area: Low Carbon Pre-Fab Residential Units 01 & 02 (Completed 2016)
  • River House, East St. Paul, Manitoba (Completed 2016)
  • Lake House, Clearwater Bay, Lake-of-the-Woods, Ontario (Completed 2015)
  • Site Renewal Strategy for Manitoba Pioneer Camp, Shoal Lake, Ontario
    • Staff Lounge, McKinnon Island & the James D. Slater Sailing Pavilion on Cash Island (Schematic Design)
  • Campus Renewal Strategy for the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) / Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), North Western Ontario, Ontario;
  • River Series: A New Kitchen System, Sideboard, Wood Box & Tableware

Current teaching: Institutional and corporate collaboration

Future Studio: An Elective Course in Digital Technology for Undergraduate Architecture Option Students

  • in Collaboration with The Hudson’s Bay Company Archive, the Winnipeg Art Gallery, and 3D Solutions;

Strange Spaces, Iceland

  • Field Trip and Design Studio with U. Manitoba Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Architecture students, as well as Masters students from the Dalhousie University Faculty of Architecture (2015) with Tanis Paul, M. Arch. Manitoba and Roger Mullin, M. Arch (FP), Technical University of Nova Scotia

Your Own Harbour, Reykjavik Harbour, Iceland
MB Department of Architecture:

  • One Master’s Level Design Studio in Iceland (2016)

Light & Sound, Space & Span: Production & Collaboration Facilities for Iceland's Creative Economy
MB Department of Architecture + U. Texas at Austin School of Architecture Studio: Reykjavik Harbour, Iceland

  • Two Master’s Level Design Studios in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, with Kevin Alter, M. Arch Harvard, & Tanis Paul, M. Arch. Manitoba (2017, 2018).

Live + Work
Two Special Topics Courses: Hosted by EQ3

  • 16 Master of Architecture Students at EQ3 Headquarters, Winnipeg (2017)

New Iceland: Designs for a Settlement Strategy on Iceland’s North Atlantic Frontier at Hofsòs
MB Department of Architecture + U. Texas at Austin School of Architecture Studio

  • Master’s Level Design Studio in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, with Kevin Alter, M. Arch Harvard, & Tanis Paul, M. Arch. Manitoba (2017, 2018).

Recent exhibitions

Strange Spaces: Icelandic Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik, Iceland (November 2015)

  • 15 projects from University of Manitoba and Dalhousie University
  • Curated by Tanis Paul, Roger Mullin and Herbert Enns (with generous support from Steven Wheeler, Canadian Ambassador to Iceland.)

Strange Spaces, MAKE, Winnipeg, Canada (March, April, 2016)

  • The University of Manitoba and Dalhousie University, curated by Herbert Enns and Jae-Sung Chon.

Mass Market Alternatives (Nov. 2017 - Jan. 2018)
John Szot Studio, Brooklyn, New York

  • Faculty of Architecture Gallery, Arch II, curated by Herbert Enns and Jae Sung Chon