• Elder Valdie Seymour
  • Elder-in-Residence
    Office of the Dean

    201 John A. Russell Building
    84 Curry Place
    University of Manitoba
    (Fort Garry Campus)
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2M6

    For appointments please contact Tara Vogelsang:
    T: 204-474-6433

Valdie has over 40 years of experience in cross-cultural development and implementation  of community resource training programs. This experience includes, counselling, therapy, individual and family personal development, as well as human resources networking. Valdie has developed processes to train community citizens to identify their own community issues and facilitate their own community solutions.

Valdie has been instrumental in establishing a pattern in community programs in which community citizens examine their lives, take responsibility for their actions, and actively contribute to community health and relationships. He was part of the initial effort at establishing a community initiated ally supported healing movement in Hollow Water First Nation. Hollow Water’s healing movement began to emerge with the commitment of community citizens working with ally institutions. Eventually, Hollow Water’s healing movement resulted in the creation, development, and continuation of the Community Holistic Circle Healing (CHCH) organization – an organization that developed Manitoba’s Restorative Justice and Sentencing Circle in 1989.