This page contains course outlines for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Winter 2022 course outlines will be added in January 2022.

Archived course outlines by academic year

Please see the links below for course outlines from previous academic years. If you cannot find a course outline, please contact the Student Services Office for assistance:

Previous academic years

Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics

ABIZ 0000 Level

ABIZ 2000 Level

ABIZ 3000 Level

ABIZ 4000 Level

ABIZ 7000 Level

General Agriculture and Agroecology

AGRI/AGEC 2000 Level

Animal Science

ANSC 0000 Level

ANSC 2000 Level

ANSC 3000 Level

ANSC 4000 Level

Biosystems Engineering

Diploma in Agriculture

DAGR Courses


ENTM 0000 Level

ENTM 1000 Level

ENTM 3000 Level

ENTM 4000 Level

ENTM 7000 Level

Food Science

FOOD 2000 Level

FOOD 3000 Level

FOOD 4000 Level

FOOD 7000 Level

Human Nutritional Sciences

HNSC 2000 Level

HNSC 3000 Level

HNSC 4000 Level

HNSC 7000 Level

Plant Science

PLNT 0000 Level

PLNT 1000 Level

PLNT 2000 Level

PLNT 3000 Level

PLNT 4000 Level

PLNT 7000 Level

Soil Science

SOIL 0000 Level

SOIL 3000 Level

SOIL 4000 Level

SOIL 7000 Level