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Attracting wild bees and other beneficial insects to farmland

Bumblebee (Bombus griseocollis) atop a yellow flower set against a blue sky
Photo by Jason Gibbs

Dr. Yvonne Lawley and Dr. Jason Gibbs are testing different on-farm approaches to provide habitat for wild bees and insects that benefit crops as part of a healthy agro-ecosystem. In this podcast we learn about their latest research, plus the many differences between wild bees and honey bees. For starters, Manitoba is home to more than 360 species of wild bees!

Jason Gibbs is an assistant professor in entomology at the University of Manitoba. His research includes pollinator ecology and diversity in agricultural landscapes and native bee conservation. Yvonne Lawley is an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba specializing in corn and soybean agronomy, cover crops and cropping systems design research.


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