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Is strip till a fit for your farm? On-farm research is providing the answer

Tilled field under a blue sky.
Photo by Yvonne Lawley
Strip Tillage targets soil disturbance in bands or zones to warm and dry soil where row-crops will be planted. This leaves the corn residue (right) and soybean residue (left) intact to conserve soil and water in between the strips.

Strip till is an option for farmers wanting to reduce tillage with row crops like corn, soybeans and edible beans. Dr. Yvonne Lawley and John Heard discuss what they are learning about strip till benefits and optimal agronomic practices by working directly with Manitoba farmers.

Yvonne Lawley (@YvonneLawley_UM) is an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba in agronomy and cropping systems design. John Heard (@SoilSafariJohn) is the provincial soil fertility extension specialist with the Government of Manitoba. Both Yvonne and John work closely with farmers, agronomists and other researchers to identify and promote beneficial agronomic practices.


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