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1. Standing Committees

1.1 Benefits and Pensions Committee

(Adopted: November 9, 2004; Amended February 9, 2006)

  • 1.1.1 Terms of reference:
    • to monitor the administration of the University’s retiree benefit and pension plans, and to advise the Executive Committee accordingly.
    • to advise the Executive Committee on improvements to the University’s retiree benefit and pension plans.
    • to recommend to the Executive Committee a representative and alternate representative to the University’s Staff Benefits Committee.
    • to monitor developments with respect to benefits and pensions for retirees, and to advise the Executive Committee accordingly.

1.2 Communications Committee

(Adopted: November 16, 2005)

  • 1.2.1 Terms of Reference:
    • to advise the Executive on internal and external communications.
    • to ensure the publication of the Association newsletter on a timely basis.
    • to promote effective communication through the web site.

1.3 Nominating Committee

(Adopted: August 17, 2006; Amended: November 7, 2013)

  • 1.3.1 The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Past President of the Association, who shall act as Chair, and two Members-At-Large of the Executive Committee elected by the Executive Committee.
  • 1.3.2 Terms of reference:
    • The Nominating Committee shall each year prepare a list of eligible candidates for vacancies among elected members of the Executive Committee and shall send the list to each member of the Association with the notice of the Annual General Meeting.

1.4 Membership Committee

(Adopted: August 17, 2006)

  • 1.4.1 Terms of Reference:
    • to foster ways and means to retain current members and to attract new members.
    • to examine issues such as membership fees and membership benefits.
    • to maintain an up-to-date membership list.
    • to encourage members to volunteer for active service.

1.5 Interest Groups Committee

(Adopted: February 1, 2010; Repealed: November 6, 2014)

  • 1.5.1 Terms of Reference
    • to facilitate the sharing of ideas and discussion of topics of interest to members.
    • to support the formation and functioning of interest groups; and
    • to communicate to the membership information about interest groups including a calendar of events

1.6 Endowment Fund Committee

(Adopted: November 24, 2011)

  • 1.6.1 There shall be five (5) members plus a non-voting representative from the University of Manitoba Development Office.
    • Members shall be appointed for a term of five (5) years, with appointments staggered over a five-year period.
    • Only Members may serve on the committee.
  • 1.6.2 Terms of Reference
    • To establish the University of Manitoba Retirees Endowment Fund (UMREF).
    • To promote contributions to the UMREF.
    • To monitor the performance of the UMREF.

2. Privacy Officer

(Adopted: August 18, 2005)

  • 2.1 The Executive Committee shall appoint a Privacy Officer.
    • 2.1.1 The term of office of the Privacy Officer shall be three (3) years
  • 2.2 The duties of the Privacy Officer shall be:
    • 2.2.1 to ensure that the UMRA Privacy Policy is being followed.
    • 2.2.2 to answer questions and deal with complaints about the Privacy Policy.
    • 2.2.3 to report annually to the Executive Committee on the carrying out of his/her duties.
    • 2.2.4 to refer to the Executive Committee at other times when necessary, concerning his/her duties.

3. Retirees Chair of the UM United Way Campaign

(Adopted: August 18, 2005)

  • 3.1 The Retirees Chair of the University of Manitoba United Way Campaign shall be invited to become a member of the Executive Committee in a non-voting ex-officio capacity

4. Webmaster

(Adopted: November 16, 2005; Amended: February 9, 2006, and August 17, 2006)

  • 4.1 The Executive Committee shall appoint a Webmaster
  • 4.2 The term of office of the Webmaster shall be three (3) years.
  • 4.3 The duties of the Webmaster shall be:
    • 4.3.1 to develop and maintain the Association’s website, including
      • posting the constitution and bylaws.
      • posting notices and minutes of meetings.
      • publicizing the Association’s activities; and
      • creating links to other relevant websites.
  • 4.4 The Webmaster shall be a member of, and report to, the Communications Committee.

5. Newsletter Editor

(Adopted: August 20, 2007)

  • 5.1 The Executive Committee shall appoint a Newsletter Editor.
  • 5.2 The term of office of the Newsletter Editor shall be two (2) years.
  • 5.3 The duties of the Newsletter Editor shall be:
    • 5.3.1 to solicit material for, prepare, and produce a minimum of two issues per year.
    • 5.3.2 to forward relevant Newsletter material to the Webmaster for posting to the Association’s website.
  • 5.4 The Newsletter Editor shall be a member of the Communications Committee.

6. Travel Policy

(Adopted: May 24, 2012)

6.1 Purpose

  • the purpose of this policy is to define Members’ expenses for travel on behalf of the Association which the University of Manitoba Retirees Association will reimburse.

6.2 General

  • 6.2.1 The Executive Committee must approve all travel prior to travel/conference arrangement being made.
  • 6.2.2 Members must use the best means of travelling to and from an event, taking into consideration cost, time and transportation availability.
  • 6.2.3 All travel expenses must be ordinary, reasonable, necessary, and have a valid purpose.
  • 6.2.4 Members are responsible for obtaining receipts for all their travel expenditures, except for individual tips.

6.3 Transportation

  • 6.3.1 Taxis may be used for travel to and from an airport as well as to and from an hotel.
    • When available, hotel transportation should be used to and from an airport.
  • 6.3.2 Airfare should be booked at the economy return-trip rate.
  • 6.3.3 Payment for the use of a private car will be at the University of Manitoba per kilometre rate, plus any parking fees.
    • Reimbursement of a Member’s private car costs normally will not exceed the equivalent of the lowest cost of return airfare.

6.4 Lodging

  • 6.4.1 Members will be reimbursed for the cost of single-room accommodations.
  • 6.4.2 The Association will not reimburse for any additional cost of accommodations for a travelling companion.

6.5 Meals

  • 6.5.1 An amount equivalent to the University of Manitoba per diem rate may be claimed.
    • Members should always take advantage of meals included in the price of a conference.
    • The per diem amount must be adjusted when meals are included in transportation charges, conference registration fees, etc., and in the event of a partial day’s travel.
  • 6.5.2 If necessary, actual expenses can be claimed.

6.6 Conference Activities

  • 6.6.1 Conference activities that include all participants are an allowable expense.
  • 6.6.2 non-conference activities (such as tours, entertainment, etc.) are considered personal expenses and are not reimbursable.
  • 6.6.3 Activities for a travelling companion are not reimbursable.

6.7 Incidental Reimbursable Expenses

  • 6.7.1 Tips normally should not exceed 15% of the total charge.

6.8 Non-Reimbursable Expenses

  • 6.8.1 Insurance on personally owned cars.
  • 6.8.2 Movie rental or mini-bar charges.
  • 6.8.3 Alcohol.

6.9 Reporting

  • 6.9.1 All claims for reimbursement of travel expenses must be submitted to the Treasurer, and must be supported by original receipt.

7. Awards

(Adopted: April 20, 2023)

7.1 Service Award

  • 7.1.1 The award recognizes a Member's service on UMRA committees.
  • 7.1.2 A Member shall be eligible for the award at 5, 10 and 15 years of accumulated committee service.
    • Eligibility for the award shall be determined on the basis of years of  accumulated service as of June 30.
  • 7.1.3. The Membership Committee shall be responsible for administering the award.
  • 7.1.4 The award shall be a certificate and/or an UMRA memento.
  • 7.1.5 The award shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting, or at a time and place convenient to the recipient. 

7.2 Award of Merit

  • 7.2.1 The award recognizes a Member's exemplary contribution to UMRA.
    • An exemplary contribution may be a single act or a number of acts which has/have had a positive impact on UMRA.
  • 7.2.2  Nominations for the award can be made by any Member.
    • Nominations shall provide specific descriptive evidence of the nominee's contribution to UMRA.
    • A Member who has received the CURAC Tribute award shall be nominated for the Award of Merit.
    • The deadline for nominations is June 30.
    • Nominations shall be vetted by the Executive Committee.
  • 7.2.3 The award shall be a certificate and a monetary gift card.
  • 7.2.4 The award shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting, or at a time and place convenient to the recipient.

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