October 2021

October 22: Brown Bag Lecture

"Our Shared Future: Windows into Canada's Reconciliation Journey"
Dr. Laura Reimer
11:30 AM

Dr. Laura Reimer, Research Affiliate, Arthur V. Mauro Institute for Peace & Justice. Our journey for reconciliation in Canada is, in many ways, just beginning. In matters of reconciliation, there are very few effective frameworks or models for action emerging from academic disciplines.  Dr. Reimer will draw upon contributions to her recent publication to share the collected thoughts and deeds of dedicated and respected reconciliation practitioners in our country.

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October 23 - 24: Youth for Others Advocacy Symposium

October 26: Formations and Reformations in Catholic Thought Lecture

"Godly Words or Witchcraft? Prayer and Prophecy in Early Modern Scotland's Witch-Hunts"
Dr. Sierra Dye
12:00 PM

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October 29: Brown Bag Lecture

"Resonant Violence Affect, Memory, and Activism in Post-Genocide Societies"
Dr. Kerry Whigham
11:30 AM

 Dr. Kerry Whigham, Assistant Professor, Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention, Binghamton University; Director of Research and Online Education, Auschwitz Institute for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities. From the Holocaust in Europe to the military dictatorships of Latin America to the enduring violence of settler colonialism around the world, genocide has been a defining experience of far too many societies. In this lecture, Dr. Whigham explores both the enduring impacts of genocidal violence and the varied ways in which states and grassroots collectives respond to and transform this violence through memory practices and grassroots activism.

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October 30: A Day Hike Retreat Through Birds Hill Park

November 2021

November 19: Brown Bag Lecture

"Preventing Violent Extremism While Protecting Human Rights?"
Dr. Chuck Thiessen
11:00 AM

 Dr. Chuck Thiessen, Coventry University (UK). The use of international peacebuilding and development as delivery vehicles for preventing violent extremism (PVE) initiatives is a recent and pivotal change inside many international organizations. However, two major challenges for human rights exist. This lecture will critically assess the ability of international organizations to prevent violent extremism while promoting human rights.

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