• Dr. Tuula Heinonen
  • Professor Emerita

    521 Tier Building
    173 Dafoe Rd
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada
    (Currently in Victoria, BC)




Dr. Heinonen’s research focuses on international social aspects of aging, health and social work. She specializes in the following areas:

From 2004 to 2010, Dr. Heinonen was co-PI of a multi-million-dollar Tier 1 CIDA-funded project, Building Human Capacity for Social Work with Rural Women (with M. Cheung), which provided training, resources and research toward gender equality and rights of women in rural China.

Dr. Heinonen is a Docent (Adjunct Professor) at the Tampere University, Finland.

Most recent research includes the following areas:

Mawadisidiwag: The visiting approach for a pilot study of economic well-being of Indigenous older adult residing within the First Nation community of Sandy Bay Ojibway Nation, Manitoba.
Marlyn, Bennet, Hai Luo (CI), Tuula Heinonen & Mohammed Khan – 2020-21
Faculty of Social Work Research Fund, University of Manitoba. Sum awarded: $3,000

Building an international group for collaborative research on Indigenous active aging.
Hai Luo (PI) & Tuula Heinonen – 2019-21
Faculty of Social Work Research Fund, University of Manitoba. Sum awarded: $3,000

Older women’s perceptions and practice of active aging in northern Finland.
Hai Luo (CI) & Tuula Heinonen – 2016-17
Start-up Funds, University of Manitoba. Sum awarded: $15,000

Reflexivity in cross-cultural studies.
Hai Luo (CI) & Tuula Heinonen – 2016-17

Exploring healthy aging: Implementation across northern cultures
Tuula Heinonen & Hai Luo (CI) – 2016
University International Program and Project Seed Fund (UIPPSF), University of Manitoba. Sum awarded: $9,180

Innovation for arts-based inquiry in the community.
Tuula Heinonen & Deana Halonen – 2016
Summer Session Innovation Fund, University of Manitoba.
Sum Awarded: $2,500

Developing and Disseminating a New Masters Social Work Curriculum on Women and Families in China at China Women’s University
Tuula Heinonen, Meng Liu & Anna Metteri – 2013
International Association of Schools of Social Work. Sum awarded: $4,500


Selected publications:

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Teaching and supervision

She continues to teach courses at both the University of Manitoba and Tampere University in Finland and is involved in writing projects for journals and books.


Dr. Heinonen has given 80 scholarly presentations in over 30 years.