• Dr. Denis Bracken
  • Professor Emeritus

    Room 113 St. Paul’s College
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada




Dr. Bracken’s research focuses on social work education & preparation for practice in criminal justice; desistance from crime, and programs for perpetrators of family violence. He specializes in the following areas:

Recent research projects:
Access to Rights & Justice for Migrants and Ethnic Minority People in Prison under the Human Rights & Equality Grants scheme 2020-21

€9,979 from the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission to the Irish Penal Reform Trust for the project.

The project funding was given to the School of Law & Criminology, Maynooth University which also provided additional funding.  The project team was led by Dr. David Doyle and included Drs. Avril Brandon, Amina Adanan, Joe Garrihy and Professor Denis Bracken.


Selected publications:

Doyle, D., Brandon, A., Garrihy, J., Adanan, A., & Bracken, D. “Sometimes I'm missing the words": The rights, needs, and experiences of foreign national and minority ethnic groups in the penal system.  Dublin: Irish Penal Reform Trust April 2022. https://iprt.ie/site/assets/files/7076/iprt_the_rights_needs_and_experiences_of_foreign_national_and_minority_ethnic_groups.pdf

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