• Dr. David C. J. Delay
  • Assistant Professor

    Room 418H Tier Building
    173 Dafoe Rd
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada

    Fax: 204-474-7594




Dr. Delay's research focuses on exploring the intersections of trauma, relationship, and shame. He specializes in the following areas:

Recent research projects:

Interrogating the Impact of Neoliberalism on Social Justice Approaches to Mental Health in Social Work (funded via SSHRC Insight Grant)
PI: Dr. Catrina Brown (DAL), Co-Investigators: Dr. Marjorie Johnstone (DAL), Dr. Clive Baldwin (St. Thomas) Dr. Donna Baines (UBC), Dr. Eunjung Lee (Toronto), Dr. David Delay (Manitoba).

Currently a RSW practicing in the mental health field? Join the study: https://surveys.dal.ca/opinio/s?s=60237

Nurturing Warriors: Understanding Mental Wellness and Health Risk Behaviours among Young Indigenous Men (funded via CIHR & Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation)
PI: Dr. Elizabeth Cooper (Regina)

Compassion in Professional Practice  (funded by FSW Endowment) In development
PI: Dr. David Delay


Selected publications:

Corbally, M., Hughes, J., & Delay, D. (2016).  Gender arguments and paradigmatic challenges within intimate partner violence research: A call for a more inclusive paradigm of understanding regarding physical partner violence perpetration. Journal of Family Violence, 31(8), 1009-1012.

Delay, D., & Martin, J. (2015). Developing facilitator self-awareness: Introducing mindfulness practices to the helping classroom.  In W. Pelech, K. Ring & S. LaRocque, (Eds.), Unity in diversity: Embracing the spirit of group work: Proceedings of the 36th Annual Symposium of the International Association for Social Work with Groups (pp. 89-103). Whiting & Birch Ltd.

Hughes, J., Delay, D.; & Rocke, C. (Accepted February 2021).  Taking up a social work identity: Preparing undergraduate students for entry-level generalist practice. (Canadian Social Work Review).

Liegghio, M., Delay, D.C.J., & Jenney, A. (2019).  Challenging social work epistemology in children’s mental health:  The connections between evidence-based practice and young people’s psychiatrization. The British Journal of Social Work, 49(5), 1180-1197. https://doi.org/10.1093/bjsw/bcy104 

Shera, W., Muskat, B., Delay, D., Quinn, A., & Tufford, L. (2013). Using the Group Work Practice Standards Inventory to assess the impact of a ‘Social Work Practice with Groups’ course. Social Work with Groups, 36(2/3), 176-190.

Teaching and supervision

Dr. Delay teaches SWRK 8010 Perspectives on Knowledge for Social Work, SWRK 7300 Clinical Evaluation of Social Work Interventions and SWRK 7230, Compassion in Professional Practice in the graduate programs and SWRK 3140 Introduction to Social Work Practice in the undergraduate program.

He also supervises students in both the doctoral and MSW programs.

Contact David Delay to discuss your interests in either the doctoral or MSW program.

Service and membership

Dr. Delay represents the Faculty of Social Work on the University of Manitoba’s Research Ethics Board and serves on the Board of Directors for The Laurel Centre as Vice-Chair.