Dr. Akinyele-Akanbi's research interests include:

Teaching and supervision

Dr. Akinyele-Akanbi teaches at the Fort Garry Campus. Her teaching and research are grounded in anti-colonial and African feminist perspectives. Her recent courses include SWRK 4200/4300 Child and Family Services (Field Focus), SWRK 2090, Interpersonal Communication Skills, and SWRK 7160, Critical Perspectives in Social Work. Dr. Akinyele-Akanbi is committed to her students’ success.

Community services and membership

In 2013 and 2014, Dr. Akinyele-Akanbi organized community cross-cultural workshops on depression with Dr. Stewart Wakeman. Dr. Akinyele-Akanbi provides mentorship to racialized students at the University of Manitoba through the mentorship program. She started a women’s group (Women of Virtue) twelve years ago where she mentors racialized women once a month. Dr. Akinyele-Akanbi served as a committee member for the University of Manitoba Human Ethics Board for four years. She was also a member of the Manitoba College of Social Work Registration Committee.

Awards and scholarships

Dr. Akinyele-Akanbi has received the following awards:


Rusty Souleymanov, Bolaji Akinyele-Akanbi, Chinyere Njeze, Patricia Ukoli (2022, July 29 –August 2). Migration and Health Study: HIV and sexual health among racialized migrants in Manitoba, Canada.

Souleymanov, R., Akinyele-Akanbi, B., Ukoli, P. (2022, January 14). Experiences of Racism and Healthcare Access Barriers Among Racialized Immigrants and Refugees in Canada. [Oral Paper Presentation]. Society for Social Work and Research. Washington, DC, USA.

Souleymanov, R., Ukoli, P., Akinyele-Akanbi, B., Nieze, C. (2021, July 31). Sexual Health and HIV Prevention Needs of Racialized Immigrants and Refugees in Manitoba: Findings from the Migration and Health Study. [Oral Paper Presentation]. Sexuality & Social Work Global Online Conference 2021.

Akinyele-Akanbi, B. (September 1-42019). Seeing through the eyes of the police officers: Men’s constructed narratives of intimate partner violence. 3rd European Domestic Violence Conference. Oslo, Norway.

Delay, D., & Akinyele-Akanbi, B. (March 23, 2018). Men’s constructed narratives of IPV: Using a biographical narrative interpretive method (workshop presentation). Canadian Domestic Violence Conference 5. Halifax, NS, (March 22-23, 2018).

Akinyele-Akanbi, B. (May 08, 2018). Working with Immigrants and IPV (Symposium presentation). Exploring the Epistemological Intersections of Family Violence and Child/Youth Mental Health, Winnipeg Symposium.

Akinyele-Akanbi, B. (June 17, 2015). Sound Through the Wall: Video and Community Presentation on CFS for New Canadians. Healthy Start for Mom & Me: Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA)


Organized Conferences

Akinyele-Akanbi, B. & Akanbi, S., A. (2013 & 2014). Overcoming Depression with Dr. Stewart Wakeman. Annual Community Mental Health Conferences. CAC Rehoboth Christian Centre: Winnipeg, MB.