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How does the General Science Internship Program (GSIP) work?

Internships rely upon a three-way partnership between students, employers and the University.

The General Science Internship Program (GSIP) is a professional development program through which you can gain full-time paid work experience in your area of study. It is an excellent way to add to your classroom learning with on-the-job experience. It can also help you choose the career areas you may want to pursue after graduation.

Students will complete one four-month or eight-month internship with the same employer host commencing in the Summer Term.

Internships are completed with private companies, industries, government departments, non-government organizations and universities, and may be local, national or international.

International students

International students are welcome to apply for the General Science Internship Program. If accepted into the program, international students must follow the steps below:

  • Apply for a Co-op or Internship work permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This permit allows international students to participate in off-campus work-integrated learning experiences. 
  • Request a letter from the General Science Internship Program Office detailing the conditions of their internship participation and employment. This letter will ask that the work permit be valid until the completion of the internship. This letter must be included in the application package to IRCC. Check their website for information on how to submit the application and the processing times.
  • Students must have a valid study permit to apply for the General Science Internship Program (GSIP).

There is no fee for the co-op or internship work permit application within the General Science Internship Program. International students may contact or see an advisor at the International Centre for questions related to work permits.

Please note that international students will not be eligible to apply for positions with Canadian Federal departments and agencies requiring secret security clearance from the federal government.


There is an internship fee which is paid for each confirmed 4-month internship.

The current internship fee is $558.25 (subject to change).

Tuition fees are subject to annual review by the University of Manitoba Board of Governors. For the latest fee information, please visit the fee section of the UM Academic Calendar.

Your internship fees are used to cover costs directly related to the management, administration and marketing of the General Science Internship Program (GSIP).

For all other fee information (including ancillary fees, Health and Dental and U-Pass), please consult the UMSU website and UM Academic Calendar as appropriate.

Eligibility criteria

To apply, students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be a full-time student in the B.Sc. General degree program.
  • Be in good standing in the Faculty of Science.
  • Have a minimum Degree Grade Point Average (DGPA) of 3.0.
  • Have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours at the time of application.
  • Have successfully completed (grade of “C” or better) 12 credit hours of Faculty of Science courses at the 2000-level or higher. Alternatively, be registered in enough Faculty of Science courses at the 2000-level or higher that it is possible to have successfully completed (grade of “C” or better”) 12 credit hours of Faculty of Science courses at the 2000-level or higher by the start of the internship.
    • Please note: Failure to successfully complete 12 credit hours of Faculty of Science courses at the 2000 level or higher by the start of the internship will result in a removal from the program.
  • Have enough credit hours remaining in their degree to be able to return to full-time studies after the completion of their internship.

Students are advised that satisfying the entrance requirements does not guarantee a place in the General Science Internship Program. Enrollment is limited and acceptance is based on academic performance, availability of internship work positions and completion of a successful intake interview. General Science Internship Program reserves the right to determine and select the best-qualified applicants for admission into the program.

Students who have special circumstances and may not be sure whether they are eligible for the General Science Internship Program should contact Ela Kotula, General Science Internship Coordinator at Ela.Kotula@cs.umanitoba.ca.

Application process

Intake for the General Science Internship Program occurs annually, during the Fall Term. Applications for the 2024 intake will open in September.

  • An email will be sent in early September to all eligible students inviting you to attend an information session where you will learn about the General Science Internship Program process and requirements.
  • Interested students will need to submit the application form at the bottom of this page when it becomes available in September.
  • The application requires a current resume and an unofficial web transcript. Please include all work and volunteer experience on your resume even if it is not science related.
  • The General Science Internship Coordinator will notify students of the application results via e-mail.
  • Students who are selected to move forward to the next step of the intake process will be invited for an intake interview.
  • Students who will be accepted into the program in the fall of 2024 will be eligible to complete their internship in the summer of 2025.

You may run your UM Achieve report or contact a science academic student advisor to check your academic requirements if necessary.

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