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Science Co-op awards

  • Randi Roy.
  • Celebrating Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)

    March was CEWIL Canada Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) month in Canada where work-integrated learning (WIL) is celebrated.

    As part of WIL month, the University of Manitoba Science Co-op Program is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Science Co-op Recognition Awards.

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Science Co-op Student of the Year Award

The Science Co-op Student of the Year Award recognizes co-op student success during their participation in the Science Co-op Program. This includes achievements during their co-op work terms, academic performance, contributions to the University of Manitoba community and the general community at-large, involvement in extra-curricular activities and their support of the Science Co-op Program and/or co-operative education.

Applicants may self-nominate by completing the following forms.

Science Co-op Student of the Year - Nomination form
Science Co-op Student of the Year - Employer support form

Science Co-op Supervisor Recognition Award

Co-op cannot exist without the support of our employer partners. Science Co-op appreciates the generous support and efforts of our co-op employers. This award celebrates employers who have supported the Science Co-op Program and its students through work integrated learning opportunities. We would like to acknowledge the many employers and supervisors for going above and beyond in providing valuable work co-op term experiences as well as professional growth opportunities to our co-op students.

Current Science Co-op students can nominate a supervisor (with the co-op student as their direct report) of an employer who hired a minimum of one Science Co-op student during the calendar year of the award by completing the following form.

Science Co-op Supervisor Recognition Award - Nomination form

Co-op workshops

Employability Skills Workshops are held before the start of each co-op work term. Once you are accepted into the co-op program you will be sent an invitation by email.

Complete mandatory employment preparation workshops with the Science Co-op office or Faculty of Science staff throughout the Fall Term after admission into Science Co-op.

Examples of workshops

  • Orientation
  • Self-assessment, independent job search and networking
  • Business communications and professional conduct
  • Marketing tools development and one-on-one critiques
  • Effective interviews and one-on-one practice
  • Workplace transition and success (includes employment standards)

Attendance at workshops

  1. Workshop attendance is mandatory. The workshops aim to equip Co-op students with career development skills useful in securing jobs and being successful in the workplace.
  2. If you are unable to attend a workshop, please contact your coordinator before the workshop. Attendance checks will be made at each workshop and missing a workshop without permission may lead to suspension/withdrawal from the co-op program.

Applying for jobs

  • Co-op students start applying for Co-op jobs the term preceding their Co-op work term.

    Science Co-op portal

    The Science Co-op portal, commonly referred to as UM CONNECT is our co-op job database.

    All students at the University of Manitoba are automatically enrolled in UM CONNECT upon registration. Data is pulled from Aurora to create the account, therefore your profile in Aurora must be complete and accurate

  • Person typing on a laptop keyboard

How to apply for co-op jobs

Step 1: Preparation

The UM CONNECT portal is the online database that allows you to post your resumes, browse for jobs, and sign up for interviews. Please refer to the instructions in the user manual you received to set up your profile and apply for jobs online.

Prepare your resume and cover letter in consultation with your coordinator. Ensure to meet with the Co-op office to have your resume critiqued before applying for Co-op jobs for every Co-op work term.

Remember to include the Science Co-op header but no personal contact information. Employers will contact you through the Science Co-op Office. Ensure your file size is not too large or you will have trouble uploading to the portal. It should come to around 100 to 200 kb.

Step 2: Applying for jobs

  • Jobs are posted onto the portal as they are received. You are expected to view the postings regularly.
  • All jobs have a deadline date and are normally posted for a minimum of one week (unless the employer advises otherwise). You must submit your application by 9 a.m. on the closing date. Late applications will NOT be accepted.
  • When reviewing the job description, consider the following criteria: the job title, duration, location, duties and responsibilities, relevant skills required, description of the employer, corporate culture, size, special requirements, and qualifications that are considered to be an asset for the job.
  • You must write a cover letter for every job you are applying for (unless stated otherwise in the job posting). The maximum length of a cover letter is one page.

Co-op Work Term and continuation requirements

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 3 Work Terms to obtain a Co-op designation on their degree. Students will be registered for each Work Term as a university course and must receive a passing grade for all three Work Terms.

Work Term requirements

Each Work Term requires a student to:

  • Work full-time for a minimum of 35 hours per week for 12 to 16 weeks, completing the work assigned to them to the satisfaction of their employer.
  • Participate in a mid-term site visit with the Co-op coordinator and employer or mentor.
  • Submit a completed Work Term report to your Co-op employer or the Co-op Office at the end of each Work Term, and receive a satisfactory evaluation on Work Term performance and the Work Term assignment.
  • Submit all required co-op documents by the specified deadline.

Failing grade for Science Co-op

Under one of the following circumstances, Science Co-op may issue a failing grade to a student:

  • The student is dismissed with just cause by the employer.
  • The student quits the job without permission from their co-op coordinator and their co-op employer.
  • The student receives an unsatisfactory evaluation from the employer.
  • The student receives an unsatisfactory grade on their report or assignment and fails to re-write.
  • The student did not submit the student evaluation form at the end of each co-op work term.

Co-op continuation requirements

To continue in Co-op, students must uphold the following:

  • Be a full-time student during Academic Terms.
  • Have the following minimum degree GPA throughout participation in Co-op:
    • 2.50 for all Major programs (except Psychology)
    • 3.00 for all Honours programs and Psychology
  • Adhere to the Terms and Conditions provided during admission into Co-op.
  • International students must obtain and possess a valid Co-op work permit for the entire duration of their Co-op Work Terms.
  • Communicate with the Co-op Office on any pertinent updates and changes that would affect participation in Co-op.


There is a co-op work term fee which is paid for each confirmed 4-month Co-op Work Term.

The current Work Term fee is $585.93.

Tuition fees are subject to annual review by the University of Manitoba Board of Governors. For the latest fee information, please visit the fee section of the UM Academic Calendar.

What are the fees used for?

Your co-op fees are used to cover costs directly related to the management, administration and marketing of the Science Co-op program.

More information

For all other fee information (including ancillary fees, Health and Dental and U-Pass), please consult the UMSU website and UM Academic Calendar as appropriate.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get credit for Co-op work terms?

Co-op Work Terms are non-credit courses. The Co-op Work Term course will appear on your transcript with a Pass/Fail grade.

How do I get a Co-op job?

Co-op jobs are posted on the Co-op portal on UMConnect for your review and application. You are encouraged to seek positions outside of the portal in consultation with your Co-op coordinator.

Can I find my own job?

Independent job search is highly encouraged. Check with your Co-op coordinator first before accepting job offers outside of the portal to ensure the job and employer meet the Co-op requirements.

Can I work outside of Winnipeg or Manitoba?

Co-op positions are available across Canada and internationally.

Are jobs guaranteed?

Being accepted into Co-op does not guarantee that you will secure Co-op jobs during your Work Terms. The availability of jobs varies from Term to Term and year to year; this depends on labour market and economic trends. The Co-op office provides student training and support and helps equip you with tools to navigate the job search process, but you are expected to take responsibility and ownership of your job search.

How much is the wage?

Co-op employers set the student wage. 

Computer Science

In 2023, the average wage for local positions was $23.00 per hour.

Computational and Life and Physical Sciences

In 2023, the average wage was $18.00 per hour.

Can I change my Co-op schedule?

If there is an opportunity or circumstance, which requires adjustment to your Co-op sequence, contact your Co-op Coordinator to discuss your intended schedule.

Can I do all my three work terms with the same employer?

Co-op students are encouraged to explore different positions and/or different employers. However, should you wish to complete all your Work Terms with the same organization or employer, you may do so in communication with the Co-op Office.

Contact us

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