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Access materials

Borrowing and returning items

Loan periods and due dates

UM students


  • Due at the end of term (December 15, April 15, August 15)
  • Final renewal can only extend to 1 year from initial borrowing date
  • Renewal Limit – 3


  • 1 week loan (with some exceptions)
  • Renewal Limit – 3

Other materials

  • Consult the library which holds the material

UM faculty and staff


  • Due at the end of term (December 15, April 15, August 15)
  • Renewal Limit – None


  • 1 week loan (with some exceptions)
  • Renewal Limit – None

Other materials

  • Consult the library which holds the material.

Other library users


  • 30 day loan
  • Renewal limit – 3


  • 1 week loan (with some exceptions)
  • Renewal limit – 3

Other materials

  • Consult the library which holds the material.

Borrowing privileges by user group

User Group Fee Max
Book a
Faculty/Staff n/a 200 4 25 Unlimited Yes Yes Yes
Students n/a 200 4 25 3 Yes Yes Yes
Retired Faculty/
n/a 20 0 25 3 No No No
Alumni ✤ n/a 20 0 25 3 No No No
Other Academic § n/a 20 0 25 3 No No No
ICM / MITACS / VISRI n/a 20 4 25 3 No No No
Citizens ± $50 20 0 25 3 No No No
Leisure Reading n/a 3 0 0 0 No No No

MB Health/
Regional Health

n/a 20 0 25 3 Visit
No No
WRHA Virtual
n/a 20 0 0 3 Visit
Library site

* Due to restrictions in licensing agreements, remote access (access from off-campus) to electronic resources is restricted to current University of Manitoba faculty, staff, and students.

** Require current University of Manitoba photo ID.

✤ Access is limited to a selection of free databases and those provided by vendors who allow access for alumni within our paid license agreements.

§ Includes retired UM faculty/staff, staff and students of other post-secondary institutions associated with a recognized reciprocal borrowing agreement with the UM or with a letter of introduction from their home institution.

∆ ICM User Group category also includes MITACS and VISRI patrons.

± Citizens must register in person. There is a $50 account fee assessed yearly.

♦ Patrons in this category may only borrow from the Relax ‘n Read leisure reading collection at Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library.

Requests, recalls, and holds

You may request any item at any time; material checked out by another will be recalled for you. Recalled items are due in 5 business days and will incur a fine if they are overdue.

You may also request items from another library to be sent to the library of your choice or to a Pickup Locker. These requests usually take 3-4 working days and will be kept on hold for you for 5 business days.

Learn more about requesting items

You will be informed of recalls and books being held for you by email. You can also check My Library Account for updates on requests and new due dates.

The Libraries reserves the right to recall material at any time.

Renewing library materials

Renew your items with My Library Account. You can renew most materials up to 3 times, with the exception of recalled items, reserve materials and other short term loan materials.

Returning library materials

Return most material to any library, except Reserve items, which must be returned to where you borrowed them from in order to avoid fines.

Most libraries provide book return bins or return slot when they are closed.

Library locations

Account information and library privileges

Account notices

All library account notices and updates will be sent to your UM email address. You can also check My Library Account for updates on requests and new due dates.

All other library users, who are not students, faculty or staff, must provide a valid email address. If no valid email address is provided, the user is responsible for monitoring their Library Account to be informed of any notices from the Libraries, including due date changes which may result in fines being assessed. Library users who are not current faculty, staff or students can update their email addresses and other contact information in their My Library Account.


Fees and fines


  • Citizen user library card fee - $50/yearly

Fines for overdue recalled item

  • $3.00 per day*, per item

Fines for overdue reserve material

  • $.50 per hour*, per item Hourly loaned material (e.g., 2-hour loan)
  • $3.00 per day*, per item Daily loaned material (e.g., 1-day loan)

*Total overdue fines for recalled items or reserve materials will not exceed $50.00 per item.

Fines for lost materials or materials not returned

  • If the item is lost or not returned, borrowers are billed the cost of replacement, plus a non-refundable processing fee.
  • If overdue materials are not returned, or if fines reach $100 or more, you may be contacted by a collection agency.

Fines for overdue and non-returned laptops

  • An overdue fine of $3 per hour is charged after a 15-minute grace period. Overdue fees continue to collect to a maximum of $50.
  • There is an automatic $500 fine if you do not return the laptop within 3 days.

Previously lost and subsequently found items

After paying for a lost item, the loan will show in your account for one year from the due date in case you find the lost item.

If you return the item within that year, we will refund the amount you paid for the item, minus a processing fee. You can return the item to any UM Library location.

Once returned, our system will automatically credit your library account and you will receive an email confirming the item’s return and the credit to your account.

Libraries staff will contact you regarding the processing of your refund to either your credit card or bank account, based on how the fine was originally paid.

Help and appeals

To appeal a fine, please contact the library which owns the item.

If you have any questions about fees, fines, and lost items, Ask Us or contact a library.

Pay online

Paying your library fees and fines online will clear any library-related block from your Aurora account. It may take up to 48 hours to clear.

You may have a block on your Aurora account or your library account that is not related to your library fines/fees.

Learn about blocks and holds on student accounts

CIBC Debit Card holders will need to use a different card to pay fees, as CIBC does not support Interac Online functionality. A list of institutions supporting Interac Online is here. If you do not have a credit card or participating debit card, prepaid VISA cards can be purchased at most drug stores.

For help paying fees and fines online, watch our instructional video.

Pay fees & fines online

You can access your library account at any time to check whether your fines have been paid.

Access your account


If you encounter issues with making an online payment, contact and we'll help you solve the problem.

If you are unsure why there is a hold on  your student account, check the registrar's office.

Suspension of privileges

Borrowing privileges will be suspended if:

  • outstanding fines or fees exceed $20.00
  • recalled material is not returned by the due date
  • material borrowed through Document Delivery becomes overdue
  • the Registrar’s Office or an institution with which we have reciprocal borrowing privileges places a hold on your student account

Why is there a hold on my account?

Library initiated hold at the Registrar's Office

A student’s record will be placed on 'hold’ at the Registrar’s Office if the student has a fine of $20.00 or more.

After meeting all outstanding library related obligations, holds will be cleared overnight, and may take up to 48 hours to be released from your Aurora account. If necessary, a student may request a Block Release Authorization Form from the library service desk for immediate release of a library hold at the Registrar’s Office.

Other holds on a student account

Additionally, a hold may be placed on a student’s record at the Registrar’s office by another University of Manitoba Faculty or Department.

This will also place a block on the student’s borrower record at the Libraries resulting in a suspension of borrowing privileges.

The onus is on the student to determine the nature of the problem from the Registrar’s Office web site. Library staff will not contact the Registrar’s Office on behalf of the student.

Marks, graduation and registration privileges, request for a transcript or ability to access or change a personal record on the web (e.g., e-mail address) may be withheld if a student’s record is on hold.

Library privileges will be reinstated the day after the student has met all outstanding obligations at the Registrar’s Office. Library privileges may be restored immediately if proof of payment or proof of clearance from the Registrar’s Office is presented (there may be a 10 day delay on cheques).

Reciprocal borrowing and visiting scholars

Manitoban reciprocal borrowing

UM faculty, staff and students may register for borrowing privileges at many institutions in Manitoba.

  • Assiniboine Community College
  • Red River College
  • Brandon University
  • Steinbach Bible College
  • Canadian Mennonite University
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Booth University College
  • Providence
  • St. Andrew’s College
  • University College of the North

To borrow at one of the Manitoba institutions listed above UM borrowers must present a valid UM photo ID card.

Canadian reciprocal borrowing

UM Libraries participates in the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement (CURBA). This agreement provides UML students, faculty and staff with free borrowing privileges at participating libraries that are members of the following consortia:

COPPUL - Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries
OCUL - Ontario Council of University Libraries
BCI - Bureau de Coopération Interuniversitaire (formerly CREPUQ)
CAUL - Council of Atlantic University Libraries

To borrow at another Canadian post-secondary institution UM borrowers must first obtain a COPPUL card with an expiry date, available at any UM library service desk.

Borrowing privileges and regulations vary from institution to institution. For instance, undergraduates may borrow from most but not all Canadian university libraries. The University of Toronto Library policy for visiting faculty, staff and students is more restrictive.

Borrowers from other institutions

Borrowers visiting the UM Libraries from another Manitoba institution as listed above, or with a COPPUL card, may be registered as users. The expiry date will be determined by the unit library but will not exceed one year. These borrowers are not entitled to borrow from reserve collections although individual units may use their discretion.

Individuals presenting themselves without any association as described above, including those from universities or other academic institutions, are not entitled to loan privileges but may use resources on site. They may contact subject librarians in their area to determine if other services are available.

Travelling internationally?

UM faculty members visiting universities outside of Canada should consult with their subject specialist librarian to determine what services might be available. 

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