Self-declaration forms

Beginning January 1, 2024 if you have a situation that will require a brief absence from class when you have a deliverable (e.g. presentation, role play, group work, etc.) you must fill out the self-declaration form. submit this form to your instructor only.

If you are enrolled in a mandatory attendance class, you will need to send your self-declaration form for your brief absence directly to your instructor only. Submit one form per mandatory course.

False declarations are considered a breach of academic integrity and can result in discipline.

Self Declaration Form

Extensions and deferrals

The Faculty of Law is committed to supporting students with SAS accommodations to the best of our ability. We also want to do our best to support non-SAS students who encounter emergencies. In order to do that, all students must be aware that extensions and deferrals need to be requested 48 hours IN ADVANCE/before the due date or exam date.

Operational Guidelines: Competency Requirement

Canadian professional legal education is governed by the credentialing requirements of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada which requires that all law students communicate professionally and effectively and adhere to ethical practice. These commitments are encapsulated in The Essential Elements of Learning and other relevant policies and procedures to describe the professional competencies required for all law students.

Essential Elements of Learning

All students in the Faculty of Law Juris Doctor program are expected to:

  • Read and engage with assigned and related materials/sources
  • Write in a broad range of formats
  • Conduct research, using primary and secondary sources, and using legal research skills and techniques
  • Actively listen to, and engage with, teachers, guests/invited speakers, and classmates
  • Attend classes and participate in course-required activities
  • Interact respectfully with classmates
  • Give oral presentations and conduct advocacy
  • Actively participate in classroom conversations and in small group discussions
  • Contribute to teamwork within and outside of class, including collaborative oral or written projects
  • Participate in practical and experiential training
  • Take examinations with time limitations and/or word limitations
  • Submit work to meet deadlines and requirements

We recognize that emergencies can come up, and we will also accommodate actual emergencies.

This form is for a single deferral or extension. If you have multiple requests, please fill out this form for each request. Deferrals are for examinations/tests. Extensions are for assignments/papers. If your inquiry is related to an SAS accommodation, please contact your SAS advisor and do not use this form.

Application for Deferral or Extension – Non SAS requests

Request for an excused absence

This form is intended for non SAS requests, when you have to miss a class in a Mandatory Attendance course, OR you have to miss a class when you have a deliverable (e.g. presentation, role play, group work, etc.)

Request for an excused absence – Non SAS requests

Graduate with a concentration

Law student code of conduct

This is form for the Law Student Code of Conduct. (this form is not currently active)

Final exam viewing

This form is for a request to view a final exam. (this form is not currently active)