An image of Justice, a stained glass work by Bell McCausland and Robert Robert on display in Robson Hall

"Justice" by McCausland and Robert

The Faculty of Law would like to formally recognize your many years of teaching service as a Practicing Professional at the University of Manitoba by presenting you with this enclosed plaque. The guidance you provide to our students is one of the greatest gifts this law school could receive from this community. Our partnership in educating prospective members of our profession is part of what makes the Manitoba legal community a special place.

Thank you for your dedication in educating future generations of lawyers. The years of experience in the practice that you bring to the classroom are invaluable. You help our students chart their own path while signposting the road that they will travel.

At Robson Hall, we value the classroom as a place where theory and practice meet. You are the lifeblood of this enterprise. We are proud to call you a Jurist of Robson Hall.
Dr. Richard Jochelson Dean of Law

2023 Jurists

In 2023, the following individuals were recognized as Jurists of Robson Hall.

    • David Asper
    • Gail Asper
    • Silvia de Sousa
    • Grant Mitchell

2022 Jurists

In 2022, the following individuals were recognized as Jurists of Robson Hall.

    • Natasha Brown
    • Jessica Dillon
    • Karen Dyck
    • Serena Ehrmantraut
    • Gregory Evans, K.C.
    • Lisa Fainstein
    • Allison Fenske
    • Jeffrey Gindin, K.C.
    • David Gisser, K.C.
    • Bailey Harris
    • Laurelle Harris
    • Nichole Cyr Hiebert
    • Jeffrey Hirsch
    • The Honourable Charles Huband
    • Sarah Inness
    • The Honourable Timothy Killeen
    • Ami Kotler
    • Frank Lavitt
    • Sarah Lugtig
    • James McLandress, K.C.
    • Maria Mitousis
    • Wayne Onchulenko
    • Sacha Paul
    • Shoshanna Paul
    • Sergio Pustogorodsky
    • Melissa Serbin
    • Nick Slonosky
    • Stacey Soldier
    • Dan Torbiak
    • Robert Tyler
    • Michael Walker
    • Eleanor Wiebe, K.C.
    • Jon Woolley
    • The Honourable Raymond Wyant

The Faculty of Law congratulates these individuals and celebrates their generosity and selfless hard work!

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