UM students going abroad with Mitacs

If you are a UM student interested in doing research abroad with Mitacs, please visit the Mitacs website for information about available funding opportunities. Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows, are encouraged to apply.

If you are a UM student who will be going abroad on a Mitacs program, please use the following contact information to address any questions you may have.

Pre-departure orientation

Contact Breanne Guiboche to access the online Pre-departure Orientation course and have your Mitacs International Pre-departure Form signed.

Immigration information

Contact the appropriate consulate or embassy of your destination with questions or concerns regarding immigration. Mitacs does not assist with immigration for outbound students.

Stipend distribution

For information about stipend distribution, please contact Janice Smith.

Your research project

For any questions related to your research project, please contact your research supervisor at your host university.

UM faculty and staff working with Mitacs researchers

Faculty members hosting Mitacs researchers on campus are responsible for ensuring that Legal Counsel’s IV.9a Release and Indemnification Waiver is signed and kept on file.

Faculty members supervising outbound Mitacs researchers must submit the following forms to Mitacs:

Please use the following contact information to address any additional questions you may have:

Mitacs administrative supports from Partnerships and Innovation Office

The Partnerships and Innovation Office provides administrative supports, including the following. Please contact Janice Smith.

  • Manage all Mitacs program applications to ensure all proper documents are received and signed by the appropriate parties, sent to Tech Managers for IP procedures, submit Mitacs applications to Mitacs and ensure ORS receives all of the documentation to open a file in MRT.
  • Ensure Mitacs awards are sent to the appropriate departments for processing.
  • Manage all agreements and Mitacs applications in database.

Immigration information

Contact with questions or concerns regarding immigration documentation, timelines and processes. In exceptional cases, supervisors may contact our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

Pre-departure orientation

Contact Breanne Guiboche to access the online International Pre-departure Orientation Course for outbound Mitacs researchers.

University of Manitoba services

Janice Smith will set up incoming Mitacs Globalink Research Interns with access to internet and computer accounts, email, a library account and other university services, provided that students have completed their  Registry for International Visiting Student Researchers and Interns. Students must provide a digital copy of their invitation/award letter and visitor's record or work permit. Other requests should also be directed to 

Globalink supports

For other questions about the Globalink Research Internship, please contact

For questions about the Globalink Research Award, RISE Globalink Research Internship or Mitacs-JSPS Summer Program, please contact

Contact us

University of Manitoba
Please refer to the contacts listed above, according to the support needed.

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