Capital and carry-over processes

Carry-over dollars may now be used to support key initiatives and priorities. The files below support the process by helping Rady Faculty of Health Sciences strategically re-prioritize any carried-over funds.

For capital requests, please review the carry-over funds request process and complete the capital project submission form.

For all other submissions, please review the new program/new initiative request process on the best way to proceed.

Booking space at Bannatyne campus

University of Manitoba faculty, staff and students

As a member of the UM community, you are welcome to book space on the Bannatyne campus at no cost. Detailed instructions on how to use the room booking system are available here: Bannatyne room booking steps (PDF).

Space can also be booked at the Fort Garry campus.

Outside organizations

Outside groups and organizations often use University of Manitoba facilities for events and special occasions. Please contact operations for information.

Media and film industry

Before visiting campus, please contact the communications and marketing office.

Events at Bannatyne campus

Audio visual services and support

If you require A/V for your booking, please complete their booking form.


Catering services are available at Banantyne campus in a variety of different styles for events large or small.

Visit their website to learn more, email or call 204-779-1365.

Liquor permits

Events at the Bannatyne campus where liquor will be served must adhere to the University of Manitoba alcohol policy, including liquor permits.

Before starting the process for the permit, you must have booked a space at the Bannatyne campus for your event.

Once you have filled out the permit, submit it to

MLCC liquor permit form

Room access - evenings and weekends

To arrange for your room to be opened (after-hours and weekend events only) please email

Important: Only contact security after your booking has been confirmed.

Table and chair set up

For table and chair set up, complete the event set-up request form and email it to

Setting up or decommissioning a workspace

Card swipe access

To set up swipe access, your direct supervisor is required to send an email to with the following information: 

  • employee name
  • employee ID
  • reason for swipe access


Request a computer or other technology through Information Services and Technology (IST).

Decommissioning workspace or labs

If you are no longer in need of a workspace or lab, you must follow the protocols outlined here.

Disposal of capital assets

For policies, procedures and forms on how to properly dispose of assets, visit financial services.


Used furniture

ReShop Online serves as a virtual warehouse where you can browse available items and post items you no longer need.

Operations also maintains a list of furniture already existing on the Bannatyne campus that can be repurposed. Contact for an up-to-date list of what is available.

New furniture

For information on how to acquire new furniture, contacting purchasing services.

Hanging artwork

To hang artwork in your office, workspace or area, contact physical plant using the online request form.

Office space

To request office space, complete a space request form and email it to

This form is available on the physical plant website.

Office numbers / signage

The University of Manitoba has adopted a new signage standard that better aligns with the new UM brand.

Request new or updated signage here.


Information on how to request a phone and instructions on how to operate it are available through Information Services and Technology (IST).

Who we are

To contact members of our unit, please email RFHS Operations.

Contact us

727 McDermot Avenue
University of Manitoba, Bannatyne Campus
Winnipeg, MB R3E 3P5 Canada