A scattered pile of light blue stickers that say "Ma these en 180 secondes."

Ma these en 180 secondes

Applications are now closed. Challengers will be announced the week of February 5th.

2024 competition

2024 event schedule

  • January 29, 2024, 4:00 p.m: Deadline for applications

    Week of Feb 5, 2024 : Challengers announced

    March 7, 2024, 10:00 a.m: Final Competition, Bannatyne Campus

    National Final - May 15, 2024, Université d'Ottawa 

Information regarding heats, challengers, and judges will be announced in early 2024.

Prizes for 2024:

Prize Amount
First Place Acfas - Patrimoine Canadien - $1,300
Second Place Patrimoine Canadien - Ambassade France au Canada & Acfas Manitoba  - $950
Third Place Ambassade France au Canada & Acfas Manitoba - $700


Meet the 2024 Winners

1st Place: Joanna Candas - Masters student in the Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

2nd Place: Fazia Ait Zenati -  PhD Candidate in the Department of Microbiology

3rd Place: Brian Si Nhat Nguyen - PhD Candidate in the Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences

Meet the 2024 Challengers

The 2024 MT180 Challengers are:

Name Department
Christina Frederick Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease
Dario Lorenzoni Physics and Astronomy
Fazia Ait Zenati Microbiology
Joanna Candas Food and Human Nutritional Sciences
Si Nhat Nguyen Food and Human Nutritional Sciences



Meet the 2024 Judges

The 2024 MT180 Judges are:

Poirier, Sandra
Titre ou position: cheffe de contenu WebOuest
Affiliation: Les Productions Rivard inc

Emmanuel Perez
Titre ou position: Directeur Général
Affiliation: Alliance Francaise du Manitoba

Leygue Etienne
Titre ou Position: Professeur
Affiliation: Département de Biochimie et Génétique Médicales

Jean-Michel Martin
Titre ou position:Gestionnaire des laboratoires/Lab manager
Affiliation: Université de Saint-Boniface

Eligibility, rules and judging criteria

To be eligible to compete in MT180 you must:

  • Be enrolled or have been enrolled in Manitoba in a Doctoral or Master’s degree program during the current academic year (September 2023 to August 2024) or have obtained their doctorate or diploma during the same academic year. (Master’s students are strongly encouraged to apply; however, only Doctoral candidates will be eligible for the Canadian and International final competitions).
  • Be available to attend or present remotely at the the competition on March 7, 2024; or if not available for that date, pre-record your presentation at a pre-set time with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • Be available to present at the national final on May 15, 2024 if chosen as the local competition winner. 
  • Be available to present at the International final (date to be determined, usually late October) if chosen as the national competition winner. 
  • Students who have competed in 3MT are eligible to also compete in Ma thèse en 180 secondes. You cannot compete if you have previously won at a national competition for Ma thèse en 180 secondes.
  • Do your presentation in French.
  • If accepted as a challenger, provide a slide to accompany your presentation. Your slide must be submitted no less than ten days before the competition date and be static, in landscape orientation, with a maximum file size of 20 MB, in PowerPoint or PDF format).


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    Acfas Manitoba

  • French Embassy Logo

    Ambassade de france au canada

Past competitions

2023 MT180

MT180 2023 winners

1er Prix du jury: Aurelien Caron, sponsored by Acfas-Manitoba/University of Saint-Boniface

2e Prix du jury: Sara Telles-Langdon, sponsored by the French Embassy/Acfas

3er Prix du jury: Courtney Marshall, sponsored by the French Embassy/Acfa

Watch the 2023 MT180 competition

2021 MT180

UM 2021 Competition Ma thèses en 180 secondes

National 2021 Competition 

1er Prix du jury, competition principale : Nolan De Leon

2e Prix du jury, competition principale : Veronica Coppolaro

1er Prix du jury, sous-competition Maitrise: Noushin Ahmadpour

2er Prix du jury, sous-competition Maitrise : Emily Garcia

UM Today Story

2020 MT180

2020 University of Manitoba Competition Ma thêses en 180 secondes

First Place: Abdoulaye Diarra

Second Place: Lucile Jeusset

UM Today MT180 Story

Compétitions pour étudiant-e-s aux cycles supérieurs (Doctorant et Mastére) : participez à la toute premiére édition de Ma thèse en 180 secondes en français au Manitoba.

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