Before you submit your application

  • Discuss your course(s) of interest with your department to see how credit will fit with your program.
  • Students may apply to take up to 50% of the required coursework (e.g., 6 credit hours if your program requires 12 credit hours of degree coursework).
  • Review the types of Letter of Permission, and apply with the correct application.
  • Note the application timelines in the options below.

Unfortunately, late applications cannot be reviewed as there is not enough time to secure all the appropriate permissions in time for the commencement of class.

Letter of Permission

The LOP application is used if you do not qualify to take courses through the Western Dean’s Agreement or Canadian Transfer Agreement. This application is also used to apply for courses not taken within your degree program, but solely for interest purposes.

  • There is a $75.00 CDN non-refundable application fee, per LOP application.
  • Approval or Denial letter will be received via the online application (usually within 4 - 6 weeks).

Your application should be submitted at least 6 - 8 weeks prior to the start of classes.

Apply through LOP

Western Deans' Agreement

If you are wishing to take courses at a university in Western Canada, you may qualify for the Western Deans' Agreement (WDA), which provides an automatic tuition fee waiver for visiting students. Before you start, please review the list of WDA participants.

You should also review the FAQ (PDF) prior to completing a WDA application.

UM requires eight weeks to process outgoing WDA requests, as many other institutions require six weeks' notice to review. Each course must be evaluated for credit at the University of Manitoba prior to sending the WDA form for approval to the other University.

 You should review specific host deadlines.

Please submit your forms to the Faculty of Graduate Studies office a minimum eight weeks prior to the start of classes.

Apply through WDA (PDF)

Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement

Some universities who are not part of the Western Dean’s Agreement are part of the Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement (CUGTA). The CUGTA waives the application fee at the host institution; however, it does not waive tuition fees. Applicants should first contact the university they are wishing to attend to see if the institution will accept the CUGTA agreement.

Applications should be submitted at least 6 - 8 weeks prior to the start of classes.

Apply through CUGTA

After you take your course

After completing your course, you must provide the Faculty of Graduate Studies with an OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT, showing final grades/marks obtained.

If it is a physical transcript, it must be sealed. Send your physical transcript to:

Faculty of Graduate Studies
Re: Letter of Permission 
500 University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

If it is an electronic transcript, it must be emailed directly from the institution to

Transcripts must be received by the following deadlines:

Course Term Transcript Deadline
Winter May 15
Summer September 15
Fall January 15