Contractor Safety orientation

Workers must retake the orientation annually if performing contract work for the UM on a regular basis. The orientation will cover UM general policies and procedures for construction work and site safety, followed by a fibrogenic dust awareness presentation that reviews asbestos and silica on campus.

Due to COVID19, the Contactor Safety Orientation will no longer offer in class sessions until further notice. Contractors working on campus who have not taken or are not up to date with the safety orientation are required to fill out the Contractor Registration form (PDF) and submit it to the email. Once the registration request is received, a copy of the Contractor Safety Orientation PDF information package will be sent out to the contractor.

Contractors must have all workers who will be working on campus, read through and understand the information package regarding the U of M safety requirements.

Please ensure all UM Site Safety Plans are filled out and submitted to your UM Project Lead prior to any work conducted on campus.

Site Safety plan

The UM Site Safety Plan is for contractors to identify potential hazards and risks, which may be introduced to and negatively impact the university (population, operations, property, etc.) due to the nature of the project and work to be performed. From these identified hazards, the contractor is expected to develop a reasonably practicable plan to eliminate the hazards and associated risks to the university, or at a minimum, reduce the risks to a level acceptable by the university.

The site safety plan is not intended to replace or modify a contractor’s existing health and safety program and its respective content; rather it is to serve as a complement to what the contractor is required to have under the following:

  • Requirements under the Workplace Safety and Health Act and its regulations, Criminal Code, Fire Code, Building Code, or any other legislation,
  • Any contracts between the UM and the Contractor(s)

Contractors must submit their U of M Site Safety Plan to their U of M Project Lead and to Physical Plant Health & Safety 10 working days prior to the commencement of work on campus. This is to allow adequate time for Physical Plant Health & Safety to review the Plan and provide feedback. The revised Site Safety Plan will still need to be submitted and reviewed prior to work starting. Once the Site Safety Plan is reviewed and approved, work is allowed to commence.

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