Smartpark Research and Technology Park

The University of Manitoba’s Smartpark has the mandate to develop a designated 100 acres of university land as Smartpark Research & Technology Park. Smartpark's vision is “Building a Community of Innovators” on the doorstep of the University of Manitoba. Its mission is developing space for lease to research and technology companies and organizations involved in research areas that complement the University’s academic and research mission, including the following broad areas:

  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Engineering and Advanced Materials
  • Health and Biotechnology
  • Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences

Research-intensive universities and their respective communities worldwide are developing research and technology parks. The parks:

  • Facilitate university-industry research collaborations and innovation,
  • Create high-tech clusters that potentially attract similar companies to the region, and
  • Nurture an environment and culture that assist in retaining highly skilled students and researchers in the region instead of moving elsewhere for opportunities – in our case, away from Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Smartpark opened its first facility in 2002. Today, it is home to 20 tenants and 10 commercialized startups, employing 1,500 people in ten buildings, comprising 500,000 square feet of research facilities across the park.

Development and leasing opportunities

Land lease opportunities

Smartpark is a maturing research park development that has room to grow. The park contains 105 acres of land owned and operated by the University of Manitoba. All 105 acres are complete with property services, 34 acres are developed with buildings and grounds, 37 acres are used for roads, berms and retention ponds, and the remaining 34 acres of serviced land are available for future park development.

The following serviced parcels are available for lease:

  • Parcel G – 2.02 acres (adjacent and west of Lake 1 Retention Pond)
  • Parcel F – 1.44 acres (south 1/3 remaining)
  • Parcel E – 4.20 acres (west half of Parcel E)
  • Parcel R – 4.40 acres (adjacent and west of One Research Road)
  • Parcel B – 21.34 acres (between Technology Trail and Pembina Hwy)

Please call 204-474-7975 or email to discuss your space requirements and the availability of lease options at Smartpark Research and Technology Park.

Office lease opportunities

Currently available for lease:

  • 2,750 square feet - 300-78 Innovation Hub
  • 2,700 square feet - Innovation Hub
  • 1,396 square feet - Innovation Hub
  • Various sized furnished offices - 200-135 Innovation Drive (Technology Centre)

Please call 204-474-7975 or email to discuss your space requirements and the availability of lease options at Smartpark Research and Technology Park.

Our buildings

  • Exterior of 900-one Research Road on a sunny summer day.

    One Research Road

    Smartpark developed this 70,767 square foot facility in 2005, with an addition built in 2010. Bayer Crop Science, Canola Breeding Centre, RAPID RTC and Red River Mutual are located here.
    The Canola Breeding Centre uses geothermal technology for heating and cooling.

  • Exterior view of 100-One Research Rod on a sunny, summer day.

    100-One Research Road

    Developed by Smartpark in 2011, this 7,000 square foot building is home to RAPID RTC.

  • Exterior view of 100 Innovation Drive on a sunny, winter day.

    100 Innovation Drive

    Known as the Smartpark Innovation Hub, this 75,000 square foot facility was opened in 2019. It is the home office location for North Forge Technology Exchange - Smartpark's Incubator, UM Partnership & Innovations, Cibus Canada, Pembina Trails Early College, Kane Biotech and Bold Commerce, as well as the Smartpark food service and management offices.

  • Exterior view of 78 Innovation Drive on a sunny, summer day.

    100-78 Innovation Drive

    This 9,000 square foot single-tenant facility was developed by Smartpark in 2004 and is currently leased to Transgrid Solutions.

  • Exterior of 135 Innovation Drive on a sunny, summer day.

    135 Innovation Drive

    At 28,000 square feet, this multi-tenant facility was developed by Smartpark in 2002 as Building #1. Businesses include MERLIN, Gowan Canada, Tactile Robotics, 151 Research, Algernon Pharmaceuticals and the Smartpark Technology Business Centre containing a range of small startup enterprises.

  • Exterior view of 137 Innovation Drive on a sunny, summer day.

    137 Innovation Drive

    This 28,000 square foot, Smartpark-developed multi-tenant facility was completed in 2003. The building currently houses the University of Manitoba's External Relations Department and ProMetic Plasma Resources.

  • Exterior of 150 Innovation Drive on a sunny, summer day

    150 Innovation Drive

    Home to RTDS Technologies, this unique 25,000 square foot building sits over a water retention pond.
    Developed by Smartpark in 2010, the building's architect (Cibinel Architects Ltd.) won a 2010 Prairie Design Award for Architecture and Interior Design.

  • Exterior of 155 innovation drive on a sunny summer day

    155 Innovation Drive

    A 165,000 square foot research, laboratory and cGMP production facility developed by Cangene in 1982, with additions in 2003 and 2006. The building was purchased by Emergent Bio Solutions in 2014.

  • Exterior of 196 Innovation drive on a sunny, summer day.

    196 Innovation Drive

    The home to the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, this 55,000 square foot research laboratory was developed by the University of Manitoba in 2006.

  • Exterior of 200-78 Innovation Drive on a sunny, summer day.

    200/300-78 Innovation Drive

    Leased to the Industrial Technology Centre and 151 Research, this 24,000 square feet building was developed by Smartpark in 2005.

Our services

Interior of Smartpark Innovation Hub (photo by Tyler Walsh)

Meeting rooms

The two core design principles of the Innovation Hub are to create gathering spaces and commercialization spaces for the tenants of Smartpark.

The Smartpark Innovation Hub has the following features for use:

  • Large open Atrium
  • Two state of the art multi-purpose rooms, accommodating 50 people in one room, or 100 people when both rooms combined. Each multi-purpose room features: 
    • video presenation walls
    • kitchenettes
    • servery stations
  • 4th Floor Boardroom – 14 person capacity
  • Common meeting rooms
  • Licensed food service location with a full service kitchen
  • Outdoor patio

Our tenants and partners

More about Smartpark

Context and background

Milestone dates

1982 – UM Board of Governors approves the establishment of a Research Park and designates 100 acres of university land. Investigative and development work is put into the formation of the Smartpark concept led by the VP Research Office.

1998 – Smartpark Development Corporation (SPDC) is formed to oversee the development of the Park and transition from the planning to operational stage. SPDC is a subsidiary corporation of the University of Manitoba. As a separate legal entity from the University, with its own Board of Directors, President represented by the AVP (Admin) and small staff, the Corporation has the mandate to develop a designated 100 acres of university land as Smartpark Research and Technology Park. Its mission is developing space for lease to research and technology companies and organizations involved in research areas that complement the University’s academic and research mission.

2011 – SPDC is dissolved and assets and liabilities are transferred to the University of Manitoba into an income funded department continuing the mandate, vision and mission. The Smartpark Advisory Committee (SAC), created in 2012, is chaired by the Vice-President (Research and International) and is advisory to the V-P (Admin). The membership is represented by University administration, several Faculty Deans, external business leaders, the Province and a Smartpark tenant.

2019 – The Smartpark Innovation Hub is a transformative project providing fundamental change to Smartpark reaching a success threshold becoming a mature and sustainable research park. An image of success playing a key role in retaining students and researchers, in attracting tenants, talented people to work for the tenants and in building collaborative research partnerships among market, business and the university.

The new Innovation Hub consolidated the steady growth of park developments since 2002, with two core design principles: i) gathering spaces creating a destination to encourage interaction and build the community of innovators, and ii) commercialization spaces to improve the scale and quality of facilities for research and innovation for use by start-ups and tenants.

Strategic direction

The Smartpark model supports commercialization and entrepreneurship, and encourages partnerships that will drive the creation of knowledge-based technologies, and ultimately increase the number of local start-ups. The Smartpark model works to enable a broader reach from upstream university research to downstream factories of the future, improve linkages and brand UM Research Park as a global marketing platform to the innovation ecosystem. Smartpark continues to advance its mission, its vision and its mandate toward becoming a symbol of science, innovation and advanced technology at the University and in Manitoba playing a wider role within the regional knowledge economy.


Arial image of Smartpark

October 1999 – Start of Phase I development was announced

November 2002 – Completion of 135 Innovation Drive, a 30,000 square foot office/computer lab multi-tenant facility

October 2003 - Completion of Cangene Corporation’s 76,000 square foot expansion of packaging, office, and warehouse space

November 2003 – Completion of 137 Innovation Drive, a 28,500 square foot office/computer lab/manufacturing multi-tenant facility

November 2004 – Completion of 78 Innovation Drive (Unit 100), a 9,000 square foot facility, the new home to IMRIS, a spin off of National Research Council – Institute for Biodiagnostics (NRC-IBD)

October 2005 - Completion of Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, a 55,000 square foot research lab facility

November 2005 - Completion of 78 Innovation Drive (Units 200 and 300), a 23,500 square foot facility for Industrial Technology Centre and Composites Innovation Centre

December 2005 - Completion of One Research Road, a 42,000 square foot multi-tenant facility for BASF Canada, DMT Development Systems Group Inc., Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council Inc., Monsanto Canada Inc., and Wolf Trax

April 2006 - Completion of Cangene Corporation's 40,000 square foot expansion of its plasma fractionation facilities

July 2006 - Monteris Medical Inc. joins Smartpark and subleases 100 - 78 Innovation Drive

October 2006 - Completion of Phase II infrastructure (roadway, water and sewer services)

January 2007 - the eureka project: Smartpark's Incubator opens

December 2008 - edna fedya, Smartpark's first restaurant opens in One Research Road


Bayer Crop Science Pollinator Habitat

Spring 2018

As Bayer Crop Science is dedicated to nourishing the world not only for today, but for generations to come, all sites were challenged to create a pollinator habitat. The habitat was officially opened during National Pollinator Week (June 18-24, 2018). The habitat was planted to include both annual and perennial plants, with a wide assortment of heights, colours, and flowering times, to allow pollinators to have access to nectar over many months. Where possible, native and adapted plants of the same species were planted, so people could see the changes that have occurred through plant breeding. Over 25 different species of native plants are in the habitat, most sourced from Prairie Flora in Teulon. Staff eagerly volunteer to work in the habitat as everyone is excited to see it flourish. We are looking forward to growing this initiative next year and have a number of events planned to encourage people to establish and maintain pollinator habitats.

A group of people planting flowers in the Bayer Crop Science Pollinator Habitat.

Success stories

Smartpark clients who graduated from the park


In 2004 IMRIS moved to 9,000 square feet at Smartpark from early stage development at the NRC incubation facilities downtown Winnipeg to commercialize its Innovative Magnetic Resonance Imagining System – a fully integrated image guided therapy environment that delivers timely information to clinicians for use during surgical or interventional procedures “move the scanner not the patient”. In 2006 graduated from Smartpark to 70,000 square feet at Sony Place in Winnipeg. IMRIS is a global company with locations in Canada, USA, Europe, China and Japan.

Apptius Computers

In 2002 Apptius moved to a small office at Smartpark’s Incubator. There Apptius commercialized its IT consulting services and work flow products to private and public organizations. In 2007 Apptius graduated to 2,500 square feet of commercial premises at Smartpark as the first business incubation success story from Smartpark’s incubator.


In 2003 IDERS moved to 12,000 square feet at Smartpark to further commercialize the turnkey design and produce secure wholly novel electronic payment transaction systems for CIBC, Canada’s largest chartered bank. These systems set the standard for secure mag stripe and smartcard terminals and pinpads deployed across North America. In 2008 IDERS tuned the design and process before transitioning the design to a contract EMS provider with systems in operation in over 80 countries worldwide. IDERS is located in 18,000 square feet at Oakbank Manitoba employing 60 staff.

Composites Innovation Centre

In 2004 Composites Innovation Centre moved to 1,000 square feet at Smartpark from early stage incubation at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba to commercialize its research, development and application of composite materials and technologies for manufacturing industries. CIC is a not-for-profit corporation that is jointly sponsored by private industry and government to support and stimulate economic growth. In 2005 CIC expanded operations at Smartpark to 5,000 square feet, and in 2011 moved to 20,000 square feet at Commerce Place in Winnipeg focusing on key sectors: aerospace, bio-materials, ground transportation, and civil infrastructure.


In 2005 BASF moved to 3,500 square feet at Smartpark. BASF Canada is dedicated to helping customers be more successful by providing intelligent system solutions and high-quality products. BASF Canada’s portfolio includes agricultural and nutrition products, chemicals, plastics, performance products, and fine chemicals. BASF moved to Lorimer Blvd in Winnipeg in 2012.

Advisory Committee

Purpose and terms of reference of the advisory committee:

  1. To oversee and advise on promotion of networking and research collaborations between the Smartpark and University communities.
  2. To provide feedback on opportunities and initiatives for the growth of the park and development of new space in the specified sectors.
  3. To be a forum for the exchange of information contributing to the success of the research park vision.


  • Dr. Brian Mark, representing Dr. Stefi Baum, Faculty of Science
  • Marcia Friesen – Dean, Price Faculty of Engineering
  • Trevor Cornell – Chief Operating Officer, Industrial Technology Centre
  • Dr. Jay Doering – Associate Vice-President (Partnerships)
  • Tracey Maconachie, Deputy Minister, Economic Development and Training
  • Dr. Gady Jacoby – Dean, I. H. Asper School of Business
  • Dr. Digvir Jayas – Vice-President (Research and International)
  • Andrew Konowalchuk – Associate Vice-President (Administration)
  • Douglas McCartney – President and Chief Executive Officer, CIC Engineering
  • Larry Paskaruk – Director, Property Development and Management, Smartpark
  • Dr. Brian Postl – Dean, Max Rady College of Medicine, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Vice-Provost (Health Sciences)
  • Martin Scanlon – Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

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