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    • Letter of Accomplishment in Change Management

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    Program length

    • At least 2 terms

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    Program features

    • For Canadian citizens and permanent residents
    • Part-time, online from anywhere in Canada

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    Program fees

    • Total cost: $1,280 for required courses, plus $100 non-refundable application fee
    • Each course: $570 to $710
    Pricing subject to change without notice

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    Prepare to navigate change

    Change happens. It happens often and it happens fast. We now teach professionals the ways to navigate through it. Whether it’s a system or cultural change, companies and organizations need to react swiftly to maintain regular operations. Today, the demand for change management professionals who can manage the change process is growing and it’s poised to grow even more.

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    Get the skills

    Explore how to make change happen effectively in an organization while achieving the desired goal. Develop plans to assess organizational change readiness, apply techniques that support meaningful stakeholder engagement, assess the success of change management programs and identify current culture and strategies for shifting attitudes, behaviours and organizational norms

Explore your career options with Change Management

The knowledge and skills you acquire in this program could be valuable in the following careers. Explore these options. Learn which top skills are required, how many are currently employed, and what they are earning.

Program details

This program is for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Information for international students who wish to study with us can be found at Intensive program packages.

Credential: Earn a University of Manitoba Letter of Accomplishment in Change Management.

Fees: $1,280 plus $100 non-refundable application fee.
Pricing subject to change without notice.

Expected duration: at least 2 terms, part-time

The Change Management program is accredited by CPHR Manitoba. CPHR Manitoba members earn CPHR Continued Professional Development hours for completing courses in this program. Documentation to confirm hours earned is provided by UM Extended Education upon successful completion of each course.

Program courses

Determine the courses you will need to complete this program.

This Extended Education program has open registration, which means that students can register for individual courses without being admitted to a program. Any courses taken within 10 years that are in the program will be applied to the student’s program record. Please note that the course schedule below may change based on enrollment numbers and student interest.

Students will need to be admitted to a program before they will be allowed to graduate with a certificate.

Required courses

Course number Course name Contact hours Term(s) offered
MGMT 0122 The Practice of Change Management 24 Fall
MGMT 0124 Managing Organizational Change 30 Winter

Register for courses

You can register for courses before applying to this program. Please visit courses.

How to apply

To apply to a program in UM Extended Education, you must

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  • Choose Apply to a Program in the left menu. 
  • Select your program and pay your application fee.
  • Submit your required documents within two weeks of completing your application form.

You must be admitted to a program in order to graduate with your credential.

Find out if you may be asked to provide any documents after you apply

All UM students must meet the English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements.

Here are your results:
  • You may have to provide proof of waiver or exemption for your English language proficiency.
  • You may have to provide proof of waiver or exemption for your English language proficiency.
  • You must provide your valid test results to meet the English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements.
  • You must provide your valid test results to meet the English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements.
  • You do not have to provide your transcript.
  • You do not have to provide your transcript.
  • You must provide your transcript.
  • You must provide your transcript.
  • You must provide your high school transcript.
  • You must provide your high school transcript.
  • You may apply as a Mature Student, without a high school transcript.

Learn more about the program

Leanne Douglas

Change Management Instructor

“Change Management is about addressing the needs that people have when they are going through change so that an organization can achieve the results that it is trying to achieve. I recommend Change Management for absolutely everybody who works in an organization with more than two people. Understanding how change works, how people experience change, how you can help lead organizations through change should be a life skill at this point. We can’t stop changing, so therefore we can’t stop trying to manage change.”

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