Michelle is The Centre’s Learning Management Systems (LMS) trainer and facilitates most of its LMS workshops. Michelle also provides consultation and advice on the features and tools of the LMS through the IST ticketing system and one-on-one meetings. In addition, she manages the support documentation for the LMS on a daily basis. On occasion, Michelle facilitates student orientations on the tools that students can expect to use in a degree-credit course or university program.

Her interaction with faculty, staff, and students provides her with a strong background that can be used to help them through some of the technical LMS challenges that they may be experiencing.


Michelle began her U of M career in 2010 working with the International Medical Graduate program in the (then) Faculty of Medicine. She soon moved over to the Copyright Office (under the Office of Fair Practices and Legal Affairs) where she developed experience working with copyright law in higher education (as it relates to technologies like the Learning Management System). In 2013, she naturally transitioned to The Centre into her current role as the Learning Management System trainer where she applies her education in social sciences, her training experience as an English teacher, her aptitude for helping people, and her interest in technology.

Michelle presents the features of the Learning Management System in a way that users, even the most beginning beginner, can grasp while also assisting those who have been long-time users with new and innovative ways of using the system.


B.A., M.A.