Amy leads the team responsible for fulfilling The Centre’s mandate as it relates to research, program evaluation and quality assurance. Her team uses a holistic lens to frame projects related to the science of teaching and learning in higher education. Together, they investigate innovations in teaching and learning and generate evidence-based quality assurance standards for all Centre programs and initiatives.

Amy also works alongside faculty members and other units across campus to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and to advance teaching and learning research within the U of M. Amy’s current project areas include Team-Based Learning as a model for teaching development, faculty wellness, interdisciplinary connection and academic culture.

In addition to her research and evaluation activities, Amy consults with faculty/instructors who are using Team-Based Learning in their teaching.


Amy has spent the majority of her life impassioned with the relationship between interpersonal connection and human development.

Her teaching journey began as an interdisciplinary team trainer for non-profit organizations and health care teams. Since 2009, she has held various sessional appointments across the U of M (Psychology, Education, and Community Health Sciences). 

Amy uses Team-Based Learning (TBL) as her primary instructional strategy and is one of only two certified TBL Trainer-Consultants in Canada.

As a researcher, Amy began her career exploring various parent-child dynamics in relation to changes in the social, cognitive, and physical development trajectories of children and adolescents. As her career evolved, Amy expanded her work to encompass various aspects of development within higher education. Her current interests include institutional practices around SoTL, factors that include academic career trajectories and ways to buffer isolation/burnout for faculty and students.

When she is not at The Centre, Amy spends time enjoying reading, writing, connecting with her friends and family, and hanging with her dog Kevin.


B.A. (Hons), M.A., PhD


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