• Professor

    Faculty of Arts
    Department of Political Studies
    Subfield: Public Administration
    229 St. John's College
    92 Dysart Road
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2M5

    Phone: 204-474-9296

    Preferred pronouns: She/her


Dr. Karine Levasseur graduated with a PhD in Public Policy from Carleton University in 2009. She is Professor, Department of Political Studies, University of Manitoba. Karine teaches and researches in public administration, notably in areas related to accountability, collaborative governance, state-civil society relations and social policy. She teaches in the Masters of Public Administration degree and before arriving at the UM, she was a policy manager for the Government of Manitoba.


  • PhD (Public Policy), School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University, 2009
  • MPA, University of Manitoba, 2001
  • BA (Political Science), University of Manitoba, 1994


Research interests

  • Public administration
  • Public policy
  • Collaborative governance
  • State-civil society relationships
  • Social policy

Research summary

My research challenges public administration in Canada to diversify itself from the traditional emphasis on bureaucrats/elected officials given international shifts towards more horizontal forms of governing. These new forms of governing are more porous and open to non-state actors such as charities, non-profit organizations, Indigenous communities, etc. Non-state actors have a meaningful role to play in governing and thus government must share its power with them and open-up the public policy decision-making process. At the highest level of collaboration, joint decision-making would occur with non-state actors having a vote at the public policy table alongside government.

My research explores this model: what implications exist in relation to this model (does accountability need to change to accommodate the introduction of non-state actors into governing; what are the implications for the state/non-state actors and their policy capacity; and, how the state must transform to become better partners).

Research affiliations/groups

Selected publications

  • Levasseur, Karine. 2023. “Understanding Canada’s jagged record on social policy collaboration between government and the voluntary sector.” Oxford University Handbook of Public Administration for Social Policy. Editor, K. Baehler. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Enns, Jennifer, Marni Brownell, Hera Casidsid, Mikayla Hunter, Anita Durksen, Lorna Turnbull, Nathan Nickel, Karine Levasseur, et al. Forthcoming. "The Full SPECTRUM: Developing a Tripartite Partnership between Community, Government and Academia for Collaborative Social Policy Research". Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement. 
  • Byrne, Sean, Karine Levasseur and Laura Reimer. 2022. “Building Peace in Northern Ireland: Hopes for the Future”. Humanity and Society.
  • Boyd, Brendan; Wesley, Jared; Rounce, Andrea; Levasseur, Karine; Caron, Isabelle. 2021. "The Public Servant's Role in Democracy" Canadian Public Administration, volume 64, issue 3. 
  • Levasseur, Karine. 2021. “Policy capacity: Building the bricks and mortar for voluntary sector involvement in the public policy process.” In Intersections and Innovations: Change for Canada’s Voluntary and Nonprofit Sector, edited by Susan Phillips and Bob Wyatt.
  • Levasseur, Karine, Stephanie Paterson and Lorna Turnbull. Editors. 2020. "Mothering and Welfare: Depriving, Surviving and Thriving." Toronto: Demeter Press.
  • Levasseur, Karine and Andrea Rounce. Editors. 2020. “COVID-19 in Manitoba: Public Policy and the Pandemic”. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press.  
  • MacDonald, Fiona and Karine Levasseur. 2018. "Mea Culpa: Apology Legislation, Accountability and Care". Canadian Journal of Political Science 51(4): 749-769.
  • Levasseur, Karine, Stephanie Paterson, and Nathalia Carvalho Moreira. 2018. “Conditional and unconditional cash transfers: Implications for gender.” Basic Income Studies 13(1): 1932-0183.
  • Levasseur, Karine. 2018. “Accountability under co-production: Drawing conclusions from an analysis of child care services in Manitoba.” Canadian Public Administration 61(1): 26-44.


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