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  • PSYC 7080 - Child/Youth Psychopathology


I am a feminist family researcher who studies the interactions between family factors and psychopathology in children and parents. 


  • PhD (School and Clinical Child Psychology), University of Toronto, 2010
  • MA (School and Clinical Child Psychology), University of Toronto, 2006
  • BA (Psychology), University of British Columbia, 2003


Research interests

  • Parent-child relations
  • Attachment
  • Family systems
  • Developmental psychopathology
  • Professional psychology and gender

Research summary

The overarching theme of my research is that families are systems and family members have a variety of effects on one another. I currently have a number of interests falling under this umbrella: The first is on the family (including parental) factors associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Another interest is women's issues in professional psychology, especially as they relate to childbearing and childrearing. I am also interested in a variety of family characteristics that impact young children’s development, well-being, and formation of secure attachment relationships. I often use systematic reviews (meta-analysis) to help me answer these questions and clarify the effects and relationships between these factors, as well as to identify moderators of the examined relationships.

Selected publications

  • Ilchena, C., Slayen, C., Rennie, S., Cheung, K., Gaulke, T., & Theule, J. (2023). Parenting stress and FASD: A scoping review. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 137, 104498.
  • Theule, J., Ward, M. A., Keates, J., Cook, A., & Bartel, H. (in press). Canadian women psychologists: Work, family, and the balance. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 
  • Cochrane, K., Ronaghan, D., Cadieux, O., Ward, M., Henrikson, B., & Theule, J. (2022). Oppositional defiant disorder and ADHD symptoms as predictors of parenting stress in mothers of sons with autism spectrum disorders. The Family Journal: Counselling and Therapy for Couples and Families, 31(2), 322-329.
  • Romaniuk, A., Ward, M., Henrikson, B., Cochrane, K., & Theule, J. (2022). Family quality of life perceived by mothers of children with ASD and ADHD. Child Psychiatry & Human Development.
  • Wiens, D. A., Theule, J., Keates, J., Ward, M., & Yaholkoski, A. (2022). Work-family balance and job satisfaction: A qualitative analysis of Canadian psychologist mothers. Canadian Psychology/Psychologie Canadienne. Advance online publication.
  • Theule, J. (2022). The attachment relationship and externalizing behaviours: Working with parents to support children and families. In J. W. Andrews, S. Shaw, J. Domene, & C. McMorris (Eds.), Mental Health Assessment, Prevention, and Intervention: Promoting Child and Youth Well-Being. 
  • Theule, J. (2022/2016). “Psychology Works” Fact Sheet: Attachment in Children. Canadian Psychological Association: Ottawa, ON. 
  • Cheung, K., & Theule, J. (2019). Paternal depression and child externalizing behaviors: A meta-analysis. Journal of Family Psychology, 33, 98-108. doi: 10.1037/fam0000473 
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