• Andrea-Rounce
  • Associate Professor

    Faculty of Arts
    Department of Political Studies
    442 University College
    220 Dysart Road
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2M8

    Phone: 204-474-8546

Currently accepting graduate students - yes

  • Master's


  • POLS 3470 - Canadian Public Management 
  • POLS 4920/7130 - Theories and Issues in Public Administration
  • POLS 4950/7134 - Qualitative Methods and Communication in the Public Sector 
  • POLS 4980/7142 - Public Opinion and Public Policy 


Dr. Andrea Rounce is an associate professor in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Manitoba. She teaches and researches on public administration, public policy, research methods, and public opinion. Her work has appeared in various journals including Canadian Public Administration, Journal of Aging and Social Change, International Review of Administrative Sciences, and others. She is the co-editor of several books on Manitoba elections, including Disengaged? Fixed Date, Democracy, and Understanding the 2011 Manitoba Election with Dr. Jared J. Wesley. She recently co-edited the open access volume COVID-19 in Manitoba: Public Policy Responses to the First Wave with Dr. Karine Levasseur. Andrea emphasizes the need to bridge theory and practice, working with practitioners to explore questions around how government works.


  • PhD (Political Science), Carleton University, 2011
  • MA (Social Studies-Interdisciplinary), University of Regina, 1999
  • BA Honours (History), University of Regina, 1995


Research interests

  • Public servants’ political activities
  • Representation in the public service
  • Government’s use of public opinion and consultation
  • Public policy around end of life care
  • Public policy around access and affordability in post-secondary education

Research summary

Andrea has a broad range of interests under the umbrella of public administration and public policy. Her recent research includes projects on public servants’ political activities, board governance in non-profit organizations, Manitoba’s public service, representation in public service, government’s use of public opinion and consultation mechanisms, and public policy around end of life care.

Selected publications

  • Scott, Erin, Laura M. Funk, Maria Cherba, Marian Krawczyk, Andrea Rounce, Kelli Stajduhar, & S. Robin Cohen. “The naturalization of dying at home for older adults: A critical analysis of Canadian public policy texts.” Canadian Public Administration (Forthcoming).
  • Cherba, Maria, Laura M. Funk, Erin Scott, Bora Salman, Andrea Rounce, Corey Mackenzie, Kelli Stajduhar, Carren Dujela, Marian Krawczyk, and S. Robin Cohen. “How initial policy responses to COVID-19 contributed to shaping dying at home preferences and care provision: key informant perspectives from Canada.” BMC Health Services Research 23, no. 1330 (2023). 
  • Funk, Laura, Corey Mackenzie, Maria Cherba, Nicole Del Rosario, Marian Krawczyk, Andrea Rounce, Kelli Stajduhar, and S. Robin Cohen. “Where would Canadians prefer to die? Variation by situational severity, support for family obligations, and age in a national sample.” BMC Palliative Care 21, article no. 139 (2022).[Open Access]
  • Boyd, Brendan, Jared Wesley, Andrea Rounce, Karine Levasseur, and Isabelle Caron. “The Public Servant’s Role in Democracy.” Canadian Public Administration 64, no. 3 (September 2021): 421-436.
  • Funk, Laura, Andrea Rounce, and Danielle Cherpako. “Older Adults’ and Carers’ Engagement in Democratic Governance in the Context of System and Government Transition”. Journal of Aging and Social Change 11, no. 1 (April 29, 2021): 81-97.
  • Rounce, Andrea and Karine Levasseur, eds. COVID-19 in Manitoba: Public Policy Responses to the First Wave. Winnipeg, MB: University of Manitoba Press, 2020.
  • Levasseur, Karine and Andrea Rounce. “Introduction: Snap Election, Uninspired Campaign?” In Understanding the Manitoba Election 2019: Campaigns, Participation, and Issues, edited by Royce Koop, Barry Ferguson, Karine Levasseur, Andrea Rounce, and Kiera L. Ladner, 4-6. Winnipeg, MB: University of Manitoba Press, 2019.
  • Levasseur, Karine and Andrea D. Rounce. “Public Policy and Operational Alignment in Light of Public Service Retrenchment: Lessons Learned from Canada.” International Review of Administrative Sciences 83, no. 3 (2017): 443-462.
  • Rounce, Andrea D. “Are Public Servants Different from Private Sector Employees? Voting Behaviour and Ideology in Manitoba.” In Disengaged? Fixed Date, Democracy, and Understanding the 2011 Manitoba Election, edited by Andrea D. Rounce and Jared J. Wesley, 243-267. Regina, SK: University of Regina Press, 2014.

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