Past exhibitions

  • White text on a green background reading "PREVIEW:  Selected Works from the BFA Honours Class of 2024"


    Selected Works from the BFA Honours Class of 2024

    March 6–13, 2024

  • Title card reading "Solo exhibition by Cecilia-Sif, My First Journey" In white text over a background of coloured lines.

    My First Journey

    Solo exhibition by Cecilia-Sif

    January 24-31, 2024

  • Title card reading LAYERS in black text on white background


    – a collaborative exhibition showcasing various interpretations of the concept of layers within the world of printmaking.

    January 10-17, 2024

  • Abstract purple, green, and white painting with gold letters reading "Re:collecting"


    Brian Guevarra, Sharyn Gutierrez, and Herlinda Dalayoan.

    November 22-29, 2023

  • Hand drawn red, yellow, and blue letters on a tan background, reading "Clayful"

    Clayful: A ceramics exhibition

    Curated by Cecilia-Sif Thompson

    November 8-15, 2023

  • Red text on a white background reading "Off the Wall"

    Off the Wall

    Cassien Ritchie, Earl Rina, Ela Wasney, Liam Skelly, Lorna Weir, Madeleine Alsip, Maria R Martin, Michaela Kachmar, Nona Niroumand, and Sydney Dahle

    October 25-November 1, 2023

  • a black and white doll house wth black text overlay reading "No place like"

    No Place Like:

    a multi-media exhibition of art about home

    September 20-27, 2023

  • A colourful array of sock, stacked and squished together in a flat glass box, displayed on a wall

    A Story of Love

    A 10-year retrospective of mothering art by Caroline Araneda

    August 30-September 13, 2023

  • A digigalt mock-up of a gallery corner covered in colourful paintings

    Salon: 130 paintings from the School of Art

    Curated by Sapphire Moroz
    Assisted by Jessica Beaugrand

    June 1-14, 2023

  • A painting of the top quater of a women's face staring at the viewer, The background painted a vibrant red.

    please look at me

    Self-portraits by Julia Langer

    May 17–24, 2023

  • Colourful landscape painting of a pond with overplay text reading "Whimsical Realms"

    Whimsical Realms

    Earl Rina Ozma George

    May 3-10, 2023

  • Title card reading "Memento Vivere" on a black background with a white thin line grid pattern

    Memento Vivere

    Cecilia-Sif, Cole Cancilla, Sapphire Moon Moroz, Daniel Allen, Carlos Cruz, Olanrewaju Victor Abiola, Margot Morrish, Grace Akadiri, and Jessica Beaugrand

    April 19–26, 2023

  • Green and white abstract pattern


    Syd Caldwell, Jody Reaburn, Rea Harris, Margot Morrish, Jo Korving, and Kelsen Hadder.

    April 5–12, 2023

  • Title Card with white text reading "Pieces of Us" on a blue to green ombre background with a puzzle print

    Pieces of Us 

    Group Exhibition
    Curated by Mell Edwards

    March 22–29, 2023

  • Black title card with white text reading "Do No Evil"

    Do No Evil

    Curated by Mell Edwards
    Exhibition Design by Hiroshi Jake Hamade

    March 8–15, 2023

  • Black and white photo of an underground room with over lay text reading "Seeking Exhumation and exhibition by Olanrewaju Victor Abiola"

    Seeking Exhumation

    Olanrewaju Victor Abiola

    February 22–March 1, 2023

  • Abstract feminism face created with bran flowing lines on a blue background.


    Tomonori Ohnishi

    February 8–15, 2023

  • Et Cetera Et Cetera title card

    Et Cetera Et Cetera

    Mell Edwards & Cole Cancilla

    January 25–February 1, 2023

  • Women life freedom title card

    Women life freedom

    December 19, 2022–January 5, 2023

  • Title card reading Symphony by Shuaib Ibrahim


    Shuaib Ibrahim

    December 7–14, 2022

  • Bead by Thread / Altered Forms Title Card

    Bead by Thread / Altered Forms

    Asiyeh Mehdipour, Cecilia Sif, Chelsea Miller, Hamideh Behgar, James Moon, Jayden Walker, Lena Freifeld, Mackenzie Anderson, Max Blue, Mell Edwards, Morgan Steeves, Rae Swan. Curated by Mell Edwards

  • Title card with white background and blue text reading "Material Poetry"

    Material Poetry

    November 9-16, 2022

  • Black and white graphic of an unclose face screaming. A black bar covers the mouth. s

Not for 'round the dinner table

    Hiroshi Hamade, Zoe LeBrun, Gina Zeiss, and Shanelle St.Hilaire

    October 26–November 3, 2022

  • Remnants


    Timothy Brown

    June 29–July 6, 2022

  • Escap..ism, 2022


    Deinma Iyagba, Tamaiyi Akin-longe and Cole Cancilla

    June 15–22, 2022

  • The World Around Us, 2022

    The World Around Us 

    Liz Sellors, Daniel Roscoe, and Lorna Weir

    June 1–8, 2022

  • Figurative Perspectives, May 4  - 11, 2022

    Figurative Perspectives

    Ebunoluwa Akinbo, Carlos Cruz, and William Steele

    May 4–11, 2022

  • Persist Resist Decolonize title card

    Persist Resist Decolonize

    Ashton Geerlings, Carlos Cruz, Chris Neufeld, Gina Zeiss, Joel Nichols, Laura Oghenerabome Okos-Iboje, Morgan Traa, Scotland Cook, Shanelle St.Hilaire, and Timothy Brown.

    April 20–27, 2022

  • Leah Gertzen, By Midnight

    Hearts' Beat

    A collective, contemporary celebration of emerging young artists and a peek at their hopes, dreams & wonders still to come.

    Olanrewaju Abiola, Leah Gertzen, Julia Monge, Joel Nichols, Nona Niroumand, Shan Pullan, Bre Quirion, Cecilia Sif, and Breanna Warren

    April 6–13, 2022

  • Video still of performance by Skye Callow.


    Skye Callow, Scotland Cook, and Daisy Wu.

March 23–30, 2022

  • Ellina Pe Benito, Bayanihan (deatil), Ceramic sculpture, 2021

    Muddy Fingers: A Showcase of Ceramic Art

    Ellina Pe Benito, Kate Clark, Hannah van Leeuwen, Solange Roy, and Bill Younger

    March 9–16, 2022

Students at the School of Art value the opportunity to both exhibit their work and program the gallery space with an ongoing series of solo and group exhibitions. The learning experience afforded by preparing for and mounting exhibitions is especially important to furthering professional creative practices.


Solo, group, and curated shows are all welcome in any medium ranging from painting to performance, audio to animation, and everything in-between, including traditional and expanded practices, and interdisciplinary works. Exhibitions will typically run for one or two weeks, but we welcome proposals for exhibitions, events, performances, and/or happenings for shorter lengths of time.

Please contact Leigh Bridges for more information.