As a female artist who grew up in an environment full of restrictive societal norms, Hamideh Behgar experienced many boundaries, limitations, and high expectations. Through her artistic journey, she has explored the societal pressure to achieve perfection, despite the inherent imperfections that exist in the natural world beyond our control. Her current artistic practice is inspired by childhood imagination and the importance of free play and play sculptures. Drawing inspiration from chance and randomness, her sculptures are a fusion of different inputs and organic forms that invite viewers to engage with their imaginations and explore new realms of thought and feeling. Hamideh believes that art should be intimate and approachable, and strives to create works that invite viewers to touch, interact, and create their own experiences. Her art reflects her journey toward self-liberation, and she hopes to inspire others to embrace their own paths and find freedom in imperfection.

Hamideh Behgar is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Winnipeg, Canada. She holds a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, and is currently a Master of Fine Art candidate at the University of Manitoba School of Art. Her primary focus in art-making is sculpture, and she has expanded her practice to include installation, stop-motion animation, and screen printing. With a focus on exploring various aspects of human experiences and emotions, Hamideh draws inspiration from her childhood fantasies and connection to nature to create free and organic forms of art that explore human experiences.


A hand reaches for a a bright orange sphere resting on a light blue/green sculpture.

Oral Exam

Thursday, June 8, 10:00 am

Main Gallery, ARTlab, 180 Dafoe Road, University of Manitoba

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