Ashkan Nejadebrahimi makes abstract drawings on 2D surfaces and sometimes the lines he draws move to three-dimensional space and take on sculptural forms. Drawing for him is an act of probing what is going on inside and around him. He employs Surrealism Automatism which allows him to suppress conscious control over the creative process and lets the unknown part of his mind do the job.

Ashkan’s work searches the interactions between Self and Other in psychological and social courses, and in his studio, subjects such as Monsters, the Unconscious, and the quality of unfinishedness, meet at the ground of drawing.

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, and with a BFA in sculpture from the University of Tehran, Ashkan Nejadebrahimi moved to Canada to pursue his Master’s degree at the University of Manitoba focused on abstract drawing and sculpture. During his career as a multidisciplinary artist, he has participated in group exhibitions both in Tehran and Winnipeg, in addition to collaborating with filmmakers and other artists as a movie and video editor.

The subjects of Ashkan’s artistic practice vary on each project including intersections of fantasy and reality, and currently, he is interested in the concept of monsters and how they have been created in each era to define moral and existential challenges faced by societies.


An abstract twisted black wire sculpture sits infant of a white background

Oral Exam

Wednesday, May 24, 1:30 pm

Main Gallery, ARTlab, 180 Dafoe Road, University of Manitoba

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