Casey Koyczan. Ełexiìtǫ ; Ehtsʼǫǫ̀ / Connected ; Apart From Each Other
Photo by Casey Koyczan - Ełexiìtǫ ; Ehtsʼǫǫ̀ / Connected ; Apart From Each Other, Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery, 2021

About the artist

English and Swampy Cree to follow.

Culture, technology and the environment are intrinsically linked within the evolution of our society. We live day to day practicing the teachings of our ancestors, while at the same time coexisting with the technological advances that are consistently developed every year. We have adapted to the use of these resources in order to develop a better understanding of where we come from, who we are, and what we will be in the future.

Casey Koyczan is a Tlicho Dene interdisciplinary artist from Yellowknife, NT, that works with various mediums to communicate how culture and technology coincide together alongside the political, economic, and environmental challenges in the world. A portion of his large scale installation work utilizes earth materials to evoke the idea of nature reclaiming architectural space. Inspired by sci-fi and the future, Koyczan implements various techniques of interactivity, audio-video, VR/360/XR, and the engagement of the bodily senses within his creations.

He is an international artist that has participated in many residencies, exhibits, festivals and collaborations in parts of the world such as Finland, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, The Netherlands, and the UK. He is also a musician, producer, filmmaker, actor, writer, teacher, workshop facilitator, graphic designer, web designer and advocate for future generations of artists and musicians.

He has a Multimedia Production diploma from Lethbridge College, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Thompson Rivers University, and is in his final year of a Masters of Fine Arts degree at the University of Manitoba.



Isihcikéwin, oski tótamowin akwa kitaskínaw mámawi ihtakwana kita osihcikémakahk mámawi isihcikéwin. Kipimátisin(án)aw tahhto kísikáw é-ápacihtatáyahk kikiskinwámákéwina ká-kí-pé-mínikawiyahk, péskis é-ápacihtáyahk oski kékwána. Kikí wícihikonánaw óho oski ápacihtáwina kita awasimé nisitohtásoyahk, ité ká-kí-ohciyahk, awénikik kínanánaw, akwa mína níkanihk ká-wi-isi-ayáyahk.

Casey Koyczan awa, Tlicho Dene, kí-mawasako kisinwáhamásow Osáwi Móhkománihk Kíwétinohk Askiy ohci, kita awasimé nisitohtamahk ininiwi isihcikéwin akwa oski ápacihtáwina, akwa kita kí-nisitohtániwahki isihcikéwina akwa mína askíwi nisinawácihtáwina misiwé óta askíhk. Kakwé nókohtáw, anihi ká-ápacihtát kita masinipéhikét, kéhciwáhk óta askíhk é-kí-ohci otinikátéki. É-kí-pé-wápahtahk mihcét pawámi osihcikana akwa níkánihk isi, Koyczan kikinam mihcét kékwána óta tipinaw askíhk ká-ohcipaniki.

Misiwé askíhk kiskénitákosiw akwa mína kí-wícihiwéw, é-kí-paminahk okiskinwáhamákéwin, nókohtáwina, métawéwina, akwa wíci wíhtamákéwin misiwé askíhk tápikóc óho askiya, Atihkwaskíhk (Finland), Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Timiywaskíhk (The Netherlands), akwa Akanásíwaskíhk (UK). Okitohcikéw,  otayahtiw, omasinahikéw, okiskinwáhamákéw, onáníw, omasinipéhikéw, otisinákohcikéw akwa opíkiskéstamákéw.

Ayáw Kiskinawácihcikéwi Masinahikan óté ohci Lethbride College, Ispáhké Masinahikan óté ohci Thompson Rivers University, akwa mékwác kísihtáw Ániské Masinahikan óta University of Manitoba.

Thesis defence (Virtual)

Casey Koyczan - Ełexiìtǫ ; Ehtsʼǫǫ̀ / Connected ; Apart From Each Other

Ełexiìtǫ ; Ehtsʼǫǫ̀ / Connected ; Apart From Each Other

Thursday, May 27, 2021
10:00 a.m. CDT.
Facilitated on Zoom.

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