Transforming Landscapes

For close to thirty years, Michel Desvigne has designed and implemented numerous major projects in France and around the world. As in his latest book " Transforming landscapes " (publication director: Françoise Fromonot), Michel Desvigne will present, during this lecture, a selection of these territorial scale operations. What intentions, strategies and professional culture underscore their design process? What landscapes and uses are produced by these projects that mature over a long period of time? Michel Desvigne will reflect on these questions, which are central to his practice, and on the main themes that run through his work.

About Michel Desvigne
Michel Desvigne is a landscape architect internationally renowned for his rigorous and contemporary designs and for the originality and relevance of his research work. He has developed projects in more than twenty-five countries, where his work helps in highlighting the landscapes and rendering them visible, in understanding the mechanisms at work giving them form, and in acting upon these mechanisms in order to transform the landscapes and imbue them with meaning. Among Michel Desvigne’s most renowned awards are 2019 AIA Honor Award for Detroit East Riverfront Framework Plan (US), 2014 European Prize for Urban Public Space and 2011 France's Grand Prize for Urbanism for his continual contribution to and reflection upon the city and larger territory.