Art Bridge: Rebuilding a Community Through Art and Technology

This thesis investigates the relationship between human and their surrounding context concerning euphoria and isolation. Spaces are good mediums for affecting emotions. In places where intense emotions run high, materials, sounds, smells, light, and colour have an enormous impact on how people perceive themselves and cope with their situations.1 The proposed project would be about creating an artistic space where people tend to interact and learn from one another. An unpredictable and spontaneous place where encourages creativeness. Architecture highly affects the health of people both mentally and physically. The utilitarian shell that is architecture subconsciously informs and structures people’s understanding and expectations. Individuals may become a reflection of the environment in which they live. Project exploration starts with how people feel and how our subconscious will influence our feelings and emotions. Regarding architecture and creation of the sense of belonging, architecture and the built environment that people inhabit affect and more closely define the view they have of themselves. As Roberts and Carlisle suggest, “architectural settings that individuals feel connected to form a part of their psyche even after the built fabric of these structures no longer exists. Such architecture continues to reside in people’s memories and stories, informing their image of who they are.”2

Human beings are social creatures. Lack of enough human connection leads to physical, emotional and spiritual sufferings. On the other hand, Winnipeg is a sprawling city and needs to become more vibrant to encourage citizens to live and participate in different activities. Moreover, it is a multicultural city with many potentials for getting people from different backgrounds more connected. Throughout history, art has been a subject that has risen the interests and united people from all around the world. Therefore, this thesis is dedicated to proposing a quality place where people meet and socialize; where art and culture come together to bring people of Winnipeg closer. A community art centre presents art as a medium and aim to be a space for creative and social activities.

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2Glusac, Tanja, “Architecture and Belonging: Migration, Re-territorialisation and Self-Identity.” PhD diss., Curtin University, 2015.