Richard Boulet | If I May Digress | Exhibition and Catalogue Launch

The public talk on October 23rd will focus on Boulet’s lived experience with mental illness and paths to wellness with a particular emphasis on an open exchange of fine craft and design techniques with members of the audience. 

Edmonton-based Richard Boulet has two undergraduate degrees completed back-to-back from the University of Manitoba. The first is a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Architecture followed by a BFA. Richard later completed an MFA in Drawing and Intermedia at the University of Alberta and found a home for participatory programming, volunteering and gainful employment at the CMHA–Edmonton.  

“Art to me is experimenting with how far my imagination can take me. I find that the process relaxes me and seeing my imagination come to life under my fingers amazes me. Creating is self-fulfilling. When I see something transformed to become a piece of art, I feel astonished that I made it. Art gives me the initiative to pass on my knowledge for future generations.” – Richard Boulet

Wayne Baerwaldt is an independent visual arts curator and producer based in Alberta and Saskatchewan. His best-known curatorial projects trace performative elements in artmaking with an emphasis on unstable, disputed identities and the language of their construction and presentation in public and private spaces. 
The artist and curator would like to thank Eduardo Aquino, Jae-sung Chon and Ainsley Johnston at the University of Manitoba A2G, Canada Council for the Arts, SKARTS, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Flanagan Foundation, the University of Regina Michele Serada Artist in Residence for Socially Engaged Practice, dc3 Gallery & David Candler, Type A Print, Shurniak Art Gallery, Eleanor Bond, Marlene Stern, Peter Rae and Noam Gonick, Dallas Loken, Paula Dozois, Natasha Pashak, Barr Gilmore and the Emily Harvey Foundation.