Verify in Field

The acronym VIF, or verify in field, is a notational convention on architectural drawings, alerting the builder that conditions in the field may differ from what appears on the drawings, and that further verification is necessary. The notation acknowledges the contingencies of constructions and the limits of architectural representation. It also speaks volumes about disciplinary questions about the scope and authority of drawings and the interactions necessary between concept and construction. At Höweler + Yoon we use the terms "verification" and "field" to illuminate the design processes that we undertake in our work at different scales, from the detail to the urban scale. Eric Höweler will present a range of projects using Verify in Field as a lens to understand the work and how it fits into a broader cultural context. 

About Eric Höweler

Eric Höweler, FAIA, LEED AP, is an architect, designer, and educator. He is currently Associate Professor in Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he teaches design studios and directs the Master of Architecture Thesis Program. Höweler’s design work and research focuses on building technology integration and material systems. Höweler is co-founding partner of Höweler + Yoon Architecture. 


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  • Modern, narrow building on a programmed landscape

    212 Stuart Street photographed by Chuck Choi

  • Large, circular grey structure in a grassy landscape with trees in the background

    UVA Memorial taken by HYA

  • Large, grey, axial, public structure with people walking underneath and towards it

    Collier Memorial photographed by Iwan Baan