Foundation studies courses (Year 1)

The Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba will be offering the following online distant education 1000 level Environmental Design courses during 2021 Summer Term.

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*The above courses are undergoing distant education formatting and may not show up in Aurora at the beginning of registration period. Please check back often.

Interdisciplinary courses

Interior Design Media

Instructor: TBA
EVIE 4008
May 10 - June 17

Advanced Interior Design Media

Instructor: TBA
EVIE 4014
May 10 - June 17

  • rendering of a building from street view
  • New Models for Elder Homes: Design and development of shared housing for an aging population

    Instructors: Sputnik Architecture; Lawrence Bird (MAA, MCIP) & Peter Hargraves (MAA, MRAIC) primary teaching contacts

    EVDS 3710 & ARCG 7070
    May 10 - June 17
    Two workshops per week
    2-4 hours per workshop
    3 credit hours

New Models for Elder Homes | Course description

The serious shortcomings of conventional models of senior housing have been exposed by the current pandemic; new models are direly needed. In this course students will study with the architecture firm Sputnik to develop new designs of housing for aging in place, with a focus on co-housing. Rather than a conventional design studio, this course can be imagined as a design lab in which all work is the pooling of efforts of three or more students from different disciplines (architecture, interior design, city planning, and landscape). Students will have opportunities to hear from communities of elders as they imagine and explore how they want to live together in coming years. The focus will be on social needs; practical but inventive play of spaces and building volumes; relationship of private to shared space, as well as to the street and the community; and developing a simple but working pro-forma to test financial viability of the design proposals. The output of the course will be multiple iterations of working models for elder housing that accommodate design, planning and development considerations.

Prerequisites: This course will be open to undergraduate and graduate students. Students from within FAUM are required to have completed at least two full years of design studio. Students from other faculties should demonstrate an interest in housing or senior related life issues through previously completed course work or life experience.

  • This Place, Air Canada Park, Mediating the Treaties by Rolande Souliere
  • Decolonizing Public Space, Insurgent Public Art and Design

    Instructor: Honoure Black

    EVDS 3710 & ARCG 7070
    Wednesdays | 5:30pm - 8:30pm
    May 10 - June 17 & July 5 - August 12
    12 weeks
    3 credit hours

Decolonizing Public Space, Insurgent Public Art and Design | Course description

This course explores contemporary public art and design found in the Canadian urban landscape. Works of public art along with their respective social, political and historical implications will be explored. Western theories will be coupled with Non-Western philosophies and Indigenous worldviews. Through this process, students will gain an awareness of artists, architects and designers who are contributing to the field as well as scholars who write about public art and design. At the end of the course, students will be able to discuss the interdisciplinary nature of public art and design.

  • send and receive promtional image
  • Send & Receive | Crafting Digital Literacy

    Instructor: Jason Hare

    EVDS 3710 & ARCG 7070
    May 10 - June 17
    Tuesday & Thursday
    9am - 11:45am
    3 credit hours

Send & Receive | Course description

This course will unveil a root language of digital space and will work to bridge the divide between physical and digital acts of ‘making’. Workshops, spatial gatherings and input sessions, made possible through a single digital platform will act as a staging ground for the communication on prototyping, fabrication and material practices in relation to construction and the application of critical craft.

Prerequisites: This course is open to graduate students in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, City Planning, and ED 4 students.

Mind the Design: Contemplative Approaches to Interior Environment

Instructor: Kurt Espersen-Peters

EVDS 3710* & ARCG 7102
May 10 - June 17
8:30am - 11:30am
1:30pm - 4:30pm
6 credit hours

Are there such things as mindful spaces or only spaces created by mindful designers? This studio course explores this question through the many aspects of contemplative design. By revisiting the role of the designer in the design process, this course tackles a range of design interventions at various scales that investigate how we conceptualize and create our interior environments. The course strikes a balance between history, theory, critical thinking and design, critiquing existing design practices while exploring alternate design methodologies and approaches.

*EVDS students must register for both Part A and Part B of the studio