• Portrait of Adrianna

    Adrianna Anastacio

    Adrianna Anastacio is an avid food lover who enjoys cooking, baking, and going out to eat. Her love for food began when she started travelling with her family at a young age. She is always looking for her next adventure, and is excited to see where landscape architecture will take her!

  • Portrait of Rj.

    Rj Asuncion

    Rj Asuncion is a third-year student in the Environmental Design Program, Landscape + Urbanism stream. He is one of the SAS’ Sustainable Committee as well as Landscape + Urbanism Year 3 rep. He loves getting involved in the faculty and devoted his life volunteering in the past years. He is interested in the idea of Health Care designs. He is deeply attached to the quote by Albert Einstein, “Look deep into nature, and oneself will understand everything better.” As a mentor, he hopes to guide new students in the Faculty of Architecture towards a memorable experience and tips like looking presentable in zoom during crits.

  • Portrait of Alandra.

    Alandra Barairo

    Alandra Barairo is currently in her third year in the Environmental Design Program in the Interior Environments stream. She is interested in universal design and how our environments can affect quality of life. Alandra is also one of the co-representatives of the ED3 interiors students and one of the coordinators of the FAUM + CanU program. When she’s not doing school work, she can be found walking her dog, watching TV or listening to music.

  • Portrait of Aaron.

    Aaron Bomback

    Aaron Bomback is a Graduate student completing his research practicum in the Department of Landscape Architecture. He obtained a previous Master of Planning degree from the School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape at The University of Calgary. He worked as a City Planner in private consulting, research labs, and the public sector in Western Canada before developing an interest in landscape design. He has experience in policy development, land supply analysis, annexations, growth studies, planning advisory services, demographic forecasting, and park master plan updates. He is interested in exploring research on landscape urbanism and brownfield redevelopment in Winnipeg and looks forward to meeting new students interested in city planning and landscape architecture.

  • Portrait of Ben.

    Ben Boswick

    Ben is currently in his first year of his Master of Landscape Architecture degree after completing his Bachelor of Environmental Design degree in the Landscape and Urbanism stream in the Winter 2021 term. His interests within Landscape Architecture involve green infrastructure, stormwater management and the adaptation of existing systems to mitigate climate crises.

  • Portrait of Laurel.

    Laurel Cowley

    Laurel is a first-year student in the Master of Landscape Architecture program at the University of Manitoba. She is interested in exploring the role of public open spaces in improving the quality of life of people living in cities and rural communities and analysing how parks and recreational paths can be inclusive and considerate of ageing populations.

  • Portrait of Madeleine.

    Madeleine Dafoe

    Madeleine is currently working on her practicum for her Master of Landscape Architecture degree. Over the summer she worked as a co-op student at Little Bluestem Landscape Architecture. She is currently serving as the Vice President of LASA and loves finding new ways to be involved in the faculty. She is passionate about designs that strive to make our built environment more sustainable and equitable. She loves being outdoors hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing and camping. Feel free to email me at dafoem@myumanitoba.ca or message me on Instagram @maddiedafoe if you want to chat!

  • Portrait of Megan.

    Megan Dyck

    Megan Dyck is an ED3 student in the Interior Design stream, who has been interested in designing from a young age. Starting the Environmental Design program during COVID 19, she understands the difficulty of online studies, and therefore wants to ensure that younger students have the opportunity to gain connections and advice from upper year students. In her free time, Megan enjoys cooking – she is currently working her way through making the national dish of every country!

  • Portrait of Lillian.

    Lillian Gortchinski

    Lilian Gorchinski is in her fourth year of the Environmental Design Program in the Landscape and Urbanism stream. She is passionate about sustainable design and tries to find a green solution to any design problem. Food is Lilian’s favourite hobby, when she isn’t doing studio work, she finds new recipes to try out and surprises her family. She also enjoys spending time outdoors and hanging out with friends. Lilian joined the ambassador program to share her past experiences from ED2 and ED3 with the hope of making the experience of new students in the faculty more enjoyable.

  • Portrait of Sari.

    Sari Halldorson Haines

    Currently an ED3 student in the Landscape + Urbanism stream, Sari spends her (little) time away from school knitting and running - at the cabin when she can. Along with her great friend Emily, Sari is a member of the Health + Wellness duo for SAS this 2021-22 academic year. You can reach her by email halldors@myumanitoba.ca, or message her on Instagram @blondie.bean (be warned, she loves to talk.)

  • Portrait of Alia.

    Alia Henderson

    Alia Henderson is a third-year Environmental Design student in the Architecture stream. Alia loves working with her hands and expressing herself through cathartic avenues, including drawing, baking, puzzling, and making. She is also a lover of animals and nature and will be found camping and hiking with her husband Cameron and daughter Willow in the spring, summer, and fall.

  • Portrait of Kira

    Kira Ising

    Kira Ising is a third-year student in the Environmental Design Program, studying in the Interior Environments stream. After going through the program, she hopes to work within the art and design department in the film industry. Her interests involve anything in the creative field, including but not limited to dance, art, and music.

  • portrait of Sean.

    Sean Kohli

    Sean Kohli is a fourth year student in the Environmental Design Program, Architecture stream. When you break down what defines Sean, he’s a devoted hard-working individual who is always looking for opportunities to share his work with his peers and make lasting connections with his classmates. Sean’s always willing to lend a hand and can always be found with a smile on his face. In the future he hopes to focus his career on transit-oriented design and RMF dwellings. As a mentor, Sean hopes to bring peace of mind and clarity to current students.

  • Portrait of Lena.

    Lena Le

    Lena Le is a third year Environmental Design student in the Interior Environments stream. She hopes to create spaces that can improve the lives of individuals and provide them a place of comfort in hopes of making an impact on their everyday life. Her other interests include fashion and finding clothing in a sustainable way through thrifting.

  • Portrait of Nadine.

    Nadine Lowden

    Nadine Lowden is in her last year in the Environmental Design program, in the Interior Environments stream. She is involved in SAS, and would love to help any incoming or future students learn about and get involved in the faculty. In her spare time, Nadine loves to read, cook, paint, sew – anything hands-on and creative! Feel free to email Nadine at lowdenn@myumanitoba.ca, or find her on Instagram @nadinelowden.

  • Portrait of Alexandra.

    Alexandra Margulets

    Alexandra Margulets is currently a fourth-year student of the Environmental Design Program in the Architecture stream. Alexandra was born in Haifa, Israel, but has lived in Winnipeg for the past 12 years. Alexandra enjoys learning about architectural history and theory and studying the various patterns that have shaped today's architectural scapes. This summer, Alexandra spent her time working on a research project in the Faculty of Architecture, where she researched the Techno scene of Berlin concerning its architecture, social and cultural trajectories. Alexandra is excited to mentor and provides support for new students in the faculty.

  • Portrait of Max.

    Max Sandred

    Max Sandred is a fourth year student in the Environmental Design Program, Architecture stream. Max was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but has lived in Winnipeg since he was 5 years old. Outside of architecture Max loves travelling and is interested in music, art and history. This summer he worked on the audio-visual installation Sonic Trails: Lockdown that was live-streamed at the Venice Biennale and physically exhibited at the A2G Gallery.

  • Portrait of Oli.

    Oli Shank

    Oli is a fourth-year Environmental Design student in the Interior Environments option. She has a variety of interests that she carries with her into design including visual arts, writing, fashion, baking, photography, and philosophy. She values designing for people and connecting with nature. She is inspired by historical art and architecture along with film, nature, and literature. Oli is happy to share her gained knowledge with anyone who is interested and can be contacted at shanko@myumanitoba.ca.

  • Portrait of Bryce.

    Bryce Stovin

    Hi, my name is Bryce Stovin and I'm in my first year of the Master of landscape architecture program here at the University of Manitoba. I recently graduated from the landscape stream of the environmental design program last summer (2021) and I’m excited to be back already. Outside of school, I have many hobbies such as snowboarding, hockey, mountain biking, hiking, and much more. I have yet to determine my practicum topic, but I have interests in urban trees and urban stormwater management, as well as landscape architecture’s role in tackling global warming. I’m looking forward to getting back to campus and seeing some familiar faces as well as meeting new people!

  • Portrait of Jess.

    Jess Thomsen

    Jess Thomsen is currently in her third year of the Environmental Design program, studying in the Interior Design stream. She loves to craft and explore new techniques, especially anything done by hand. Jess really enjoys getting to know new people and being able to discuss work together and in the future hopes to become an environmentally concerned interior designer. In her free time, she likes to bake, sing, camp, and spend time with friends.

  • Portrait of Anika

    Anika Thorsten

    Anika is an ED3 student in the Architecture stream. Anika began her second year of the program with a love for beautiful design and finished it with a love for selfless design. She quickly came to the realization that the aesthetic value of design means next to nothing in an unjust world with a changing climate. Anika strives to utilize the power design holds altruistically, at both micro and macro scales. Aside from school, Anika enjoys foraging for mushrooms, sewing, and going on hikes.

  • Portrait of Teagan.

    Teagan Vincent

    Teagan is currently completing her fourth year of the Environmental Design Program in the Architecture stream. Her interests in design remain broad though she tends to be drawn toward works that challenge social ideals and promote more inclusive, diverse, and equitable built environments. Teagan often finds her greatest inspirations come from the unanswered questions and endless possibilities surrounding the world of design. She expresses herself best through creative analog such as collaging, unconventional modelling, and messy graphite drawings. Her favourite pursuits include looking through Kijiji, reading memoirs, and playing with her puppy, Ru.